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2022 Results Days for GCSEs / A-Levels


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Getting your 2022 GCSE results

So now what? Well, School Entrance Tests recommend taking a step back as it were. Certainly go out with your GCSE mates and celebrate – even if you thought your 2022 GCSE grades would be higher.


Post-GCSE 2022 options

You now have many options. Staying on at school for A-Levels isn’t for everyone. There’s many other routes to a successful life.

Some of the alternative routes below may be a better fit for you.

  • BTECs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Gap year
  • Getting a job
  • University
  • Starting your own business

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When is GCSE exam result day across the UK?

2022 A-level results will be released on August 18th 2022.

With 2022 GCSE results coming out on 25 August 2022.


When are 2022 GCSE exams?

From May 16th 2022 to the end of June 2022.

The 2022 GCSE exam season has a minimum 10-day gap between multi-paper exams – for example English GCSE 2022.

Whereas, Scottish Highers / Advanced Highers ran from the end of April – June 1st 2022.


How will 2022 GCSE grades be determined?

The 2022 GCSE grades will adopt external marking as per the ‘normal’ pre-pandemic GCSEs. Although, the 2022 GCSE exam boards are still more lenient in setting GCSE 2022 grade boundaries. The 2022 GCSE exam boards will:

  • Firstly, refer to the 2019 GCSE grade boundaries.
  • Secondly, combine these with the 2021 GCSE teachers’ assessments.
  • And finally calculate the average GCSE grade boundaries based on the above two sets of previous GCSE grade boundaries.

The aim here is give an extra nudge to students who would otherwise just miss out on a higher grade – and to reflect the reality of learning during the last two years of the pandemic.

Exam results are expected to be higher than in 2019, but not as high as last year. It is expected that results will revert to pre-pandemic levels in 2023.


How will 2022 GCSE exams differ?

Here are the 2022 GCSE adjustments by country:


To help students prepare for exams, candidates have been given more information than usual about what to revise. This was released by exam boards PearsonOCRAQA and Eduqas after the spring half term.

Student taking certain GCSEs have been given a reduced range of topics to learn for the exam, and will also be allowed to use support materials in exams – such as formulae sheets for maths.

Some of these changes will be scrapped in 2023. The Department for Education has already confirmed it wants to return to the usual way of doing things as soon as possible.


To help students, the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) has taken steps including removing or reducing exams or elements of coursework. It’s also offered guidance on topics students can expect in exams, given the disruption to education.


Qualification Wales, which oversees Welsh exams standards, has streamlined the content of exams and relaxed the rules for coursework. The Welsh exams board WJEC has also released advance information across a range of subjects.

Northern Ireland

The CCEA exam board, which covers most of the nation’s pupils, is allowing them to drop an entire exam unit if they wish.


2022 GCSE Maths guidance from the GCSE Maths exam boards

Here is guidance from the main 2022 GCSE exam boards:

Cambridge GCSE guidance for 2022 GCSE exams

Edexcel GCSE guidance for 2022 GCSE exams

Pearson GCSE guidance for 2022 GCSE exams

AQA GCSE guidance for 2022 GCSE exams

OCR GCSE guidance for 2022 GCSE exams


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Make sure to also visit the pages with exam practice for GCSE English & Other Languages and these too:


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When is GCSE exam results day 2022?

This year’s GCSE results day is on Thursday 12 August.

  • This is a little more than two weeks earlier than planned – the release of results had previously been scheduled for 27 August.
  • Bringing results day forward is intended to provide more time for student appeals – particularly for those students who are waiting on GCSE results as part of their university application.
    Contact your individual GCSE exam board for further details: AQA’s advice on GCSE results day 2021; Edexcel’s update; Cambridge Assessment GCSE exam board’s advice.


GCSE 2021 trends

Statistics GCSE entries plummet 31%

Statistics saw the biggest drop in GCSE entries. They fell by 31 per cent from 25,845 in 2020 to 17,950 this summer.

Engineering entries also fell by 11 per cent, design and technology by 8 per cent and physical education by 5 per cent.

English language entries also dropped for the first time in at least five years, by 2 per cent.

At A-level, design and technology entries also dropped by 9 per cent, English literature by 6 per cent and media, film and TV studies by 3 per cent.

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 Big drop in GCSE 2021 modern languages

There were just 25,225 entries to “other” modern language GCSE qualifications this year, down 23 per cent on 2020, when there were 32,755.

Languages in this category include Italian and Polish, but not French, German and Spanish, for which entries are reported separately.

German GCSE entries continue to decrease, as they have since 2018. Between 2020 and 2021, entries fell by 10 per cent from 41,320 to 37,035.

There was a similar pattern at A-level, where German entries dropped eight per cent and other modern languages by 17 per cent.

French GCSE saw no change in entries, but increased 1 per cent at A-level.

Meanwhile, Spanish entries increased this year for at least the fifth year in a row. In 2017, 85,380 entries were made, compared to 109,655 this year. The increase this year is four per cent.

Likewise, there was a 3 per cent increase in Spanish A-level entries.

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        I.            Most A-level grades

… have now been submitted and checked.

  • In fact more than 99.9% of all teacher-assessed A-Level grades have been submitted for this year.
  • With more than 90% A-Level evidence sent in the first 48 hour period.
  • A GCSE A-Level sample was checked to verify teachers’ A-Level judgements.


      II.            In 2022 A-Level teaching

… should be the full GCSE A-Level curriculums

  • Despite all the 2020/21 disruption, teachers now want to focus their very precious face-to-face teaching time with pupils.
  • UK government will be requesting that the full curriculum be taught in all state schools.
  • In summary, all UK schools must still wait for certainty on plans for 2022 exams.


    III.            So that A-Level teaching…

… can go back to normal in 2023

  • In summary, the UK government is now keen for a return to A-Level syllabus normality in 2023.


When is the 2022 GCSE results day?