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What do CAT4 results mean?

So, What do CAT4 results mean? This feature aims to tell you what school aptitude test results, like your CAT4 results, actually mean for your child’s education.   How do school aptitude test results, like CAT4, help pupils’ education? Pupils can track their own academic progress using the CAT4’s progress indicators. The results are good…

CAT4 Tests Practice – A Parent’s Guide

Welcome to our CAT4 Tests Practice – A Parent’s Guide   CAT4 Test Practice by school year: Here’s the 2021 CAT4 practice for Year 4, followed by 2021 CAT4 practice for Year 7  plus, CAT4 practice for Year 8. Parents’ Guide to the CAT4 Most schools inform parents about CAT4 tests in advance. Teachers receive the…

Progress test in Maths. Hands with pen, calculator and other maths related tools.

Maths Progress Tests

Welcome to our feature on school Maths Progress Tests. GL Assessment’s Maths Progress Test in Maths The best example of school maths progress tests is the GL Assessment Progress Test in Maths. A progress test in mathematics entails assessing two means of learning maths that is using mathematical content and understanding and applying mathematical processes…

CAT4 Number Series. Computer code building an image

Online CAT4 Practice Test

Our online CAT4 Test Practice Resources Firstly our Parents Guide to the CAT4. Secondly, our CAT4 levels feature on what your CAT4 results mean for your child. Thirdly, our CAT4 tests practice. And then finally, what CAT4 results mean for your child’s education? The Cognitive Ability Test: CAT4 is a standardised cognitive test. It provides insights into children’s’…