Welcome to our explanation of twhat the CAT4 school test is, including the different CAT4 levels. Here we also aim to explain the different CAT4 versions/ CAT4 levels.

What is GL’s CAT4 test?

This is GL Assessment’s excellent replacement CAT4 range to the SAT’s benchmarking system – you should also read our explanation of the meaning of your CAT4 test score.

Our CAT4 Test Practice Resources

Try our CAT4 practice (Level E) and secondly, Year 4 CAT4 practice.

We also offer CAT4 practice (Year 7) plus, CAT4 practice (Year 8).


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What are the different CAT4 levels?

The range of different CAT4 levels each cater for different school grades in bioth primary and secondary / high school.

In the Cat4 levels summary below you can see that

  • CAT4 Levels X / Y refer respectively to the CAT4 Years 1 / 2.
  • Each of the CAT4 Levels X and Y has a different structure.
  • CAT4 Level A to Level G is for year 3 to year 12 and above.

So, what are the CAT4 subtests?

The 8 CAT4 levels are split into three sections: verbal skills; numerical skills; and spatial skills.

Each test also has a time limit – I recommend repeating them several times to make sure your child is ready for the real thing and is able to manage their time effectively to finish.


Try our CAT4 practice tests. and secondly, Year 4 CAT4 practice test.

We also offer CAT4 practice tests (Year 7) plus, CAT4 practice tests (Year 8).


What are the CAT4 Instructions?

Once instructions have been given by the teacher and the practice tests and examples been conducted, the real test will begin. During this time a timer will count down the time allocated. The timer cannot be stopped and in fact the time is a critical aspect of measuring a child’s brain processing speed. The test will timeout even if questions haven’t been completed so it is absolutely essential to make sure a time management strategy of some sort is in place.

CAT4 GL Assessment body does allow for a pen and rough paper for students to use and scribble on and make calculations. So tell your child to make sure one is available before the test or else previous seconds will be lost.


CAT4 Question Examples

A low level of difficulty CAT4 question would be:

  • Matching shapes – as seen opposite.
  • Other questions will be a little more complicated with very simple patterns and counting exercises.

Hence, a high difficulty level CAT4 question example are the

  • Multi-step problems which need intermediate solutions.


Our CAT4 Practice Tips

  • A simple but effective method is to use one corner of the paper as a marker to determine how the paper unfolds.
  • This provides a simpler way of understanding the question but is a difficult method for a student in primary school to reliably use.
  • At times the student may focus on the wrong information which does not lead to a definitive answer.
  • The above complexity requires advanced cognitive skills and is required in the higher CAT4 test batteries.
  • Time is an issue and is deliberately short to determine the student’s ability to process information at speed.
  • Teachers need to make sure they use the correct test level for their children.


Our CAT4 Practice Resources


What is the CAT4 test?