Which school? Grammar school or private school education?


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  • Private Schools: There is a huge range of Independent/private schools spread out over Great Britain, Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Private or independent schools are fee-paying schools.  These schools are fee paying and most of them are members of the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate). They are independent of many regulations that apply to state schools. The biggest of these regulations that they are independent of is the National Curriculum.


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  • Grammar Schools: Grammar schools in England and subsequently in British territories overseas have a long and colourful history as part of a highly rated education system.  They now teach a wide variety of subjects.


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School Entrance Tests – GCSE exam papers and GCSE prep


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Market-leading CAT4 practice tests

The CAT4 is one of the most widely used standardised cognitive test in the UK and the US. Although there are many others. Many are employed to determine places for gifted children programmes in the US.

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Prep school entrance test practice


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Standardised school test guides

We offer many guides to the other popular standardised cognitive tests. Plus practice test materials for each one.


Try our PRETESTS Spelling & PunctuationPRETESTS Sentence Completion;

PRETESTS Non-Verbal Reasoning practice tests and PRETESTS Comprehension practice tests.


Private school entrance exam practice papers

Welcome to our free private school entrance exams. We offer excellent practice tests for the common entrance exam.


bookBUY 11+ 13+ pre-tests


Our best advice is to ‘Keep calm and Carry On’

If your child is worried about taking their exam, we advise reassuring them they will be fine and just to do their best. Do not leave any anxiety issues, such as those described above, to get better on their own without any invention…since it can lead to a situation in which your child can’t focus at all on their practice.

Good luck with your exams!


We also offer 4th Grade MAP Growth Practice or 5th Grade MAP Growth Practice, and

6th Grade MAP Growth Practice.