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We understand how stressful entrance exams can be and therefore want to level the playing field for those who can’t afford tutors / private education.

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How do I get my child into a top independent school?

Independent schools are by far one of the finest institutions offering education without the interference of any kind of external body and institution. Applying to such a school if someone is moving from state edition school can be tough but not impossible.

Many independent schools have their criteria for taking in new students. They set up high standards in terms of academics so that no lacking students get to be part of their prestigious educational body.

There is a financial clause also as a lot of independent schools ask for a massive amount of admission fees beforehand and that does not include the tuition fees.


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Which school is best for my kids?

This questions relies upon first knowing the different types of school availablle to your children. Grammar school or private school education?

State schools

  • These can be divided into two categories: academies and maintained schools.
  • Maintained state schools are overseen by the local authority.
  • These schools must follow the national curriculum, as well as the national salaries and conditions which are set nationally for all teachers.
  • Some students from state schools sit the 11 plus exam to select which top performers can attend the local grammar schools.


  • Academies are publicly funded, but independent – meaning they have more control over the curriculum and other aspects of the school.
  • They’re held accountable for their performance through a funding agreement.

Grammar schools

  • These state-funded, selective schools use the 11-plus entrance exam. This has papers for assessing: English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • There are several grammar school criticisms. In particular the unfairness of richer parents pay to have their children coached to pass the 11 plus exam.
  • In fact, over 60% of Oxbridge students are from private schools or grammar schools.

Private schools

  • Across the UK, private schools charge fees to attend – which, according to research reported by the BBC, range from £13,194 to £30,369 on average per year.
  • The more expensive private schools tend to be boarding schools, with the fees covering living costs during term time.
  • Similarly to grammar schools, private schools can be selective, and often have an admissions test to choose their pupils.
  • Well-known examples of exclusive and prestigious schools in the UK include Eton College, Harrow School and Wellington College.

Good luck with your exams!