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Gaining a selective school place has never been more competitive. Adopting the most effective preparation for private and grammar school entrance is the key.


Our selective school entry advice for parents

The best way to prepare for any independent school entry is to believe that your children should be able to pass. Also though, to manage their own selectie school expectations.


Tutor with young boy 11 plus tutor cost guide


In our opinion, your child needs to view going to a selective school as one option for them. That way if they don’t get in, it Is because grammar schools weren’t the best fit.

So, be open about the amount of 11 plus prep and 11 plus practice that will be required. Promote a growth mindset by avoiding the belief that your child has failed somehow.


2022 Specialist Tutor costs

With average prices now around £60 an hour, and an immenint 2023 recession, any addiitonal tutor costs are quite scary. However, there are several ways to keep your spending down.

First the bad news. Getting a regular tutor for your child isn’t cheap and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

As any economics student will tell you the price charged for a service depends largely on demand and supply.

Reports also show that the number of tutored children is also rising sharply. According to education and social mobility charity The Sutton Trust, one in four secondary school children now receives private tuition. This compares to less than one in five a decade ago.


Woman tutor for 11 plus tutor cost guide

However, the good news is that prices can vary considerably and it is definitely worth shopping around. A quick look at the Tutorfair website, which acts as a hub for private tutors, shows that the typical price of a tutor per hour outside of London is lower, at around £50.

One important factor is whether the tutor is a qualified teacher. Basically, you will pay much more if they are qualified and have significant experience of tutoring – ie. 10 years or more.

You may also pay more if they have an Oxbridge degree, or if they are a specialist in a certain subject. This is particularly true of Maths tutors.

2022 London tutor costs

Of course in London, you can expect to pay even more, given the generally high demand for grammar schools in the area. Here prices for face-to-face tuition currently average around £60.

That said, certain specialist tutors (and/or in-demand tutors with a strong track record of successful school pacement) can charge over £100 for specialist tutoring. In particular, Maths or languages.

So what can you do to keep the price of tutoring your children to a minimum?

Whilst still ensuring they pass with flying colours?

School Entrance Tests’ top tutor finding tips

Here we give our Top 5 Tips when choosing a tutor.

1. Don’t assume that the most expensive is the best

As with most things, it is possible to bag a bargain. You just need to do your homework.

2. Check for a strong track record of successful school pacement

Many tuition websites provide user ratings for their tutors. Yes, it’s definitely worth reading these before you make a decision. You need a tutor who can deelop a strong relationship. Equally though, as with any collaboratie effort; you are expecting a constructive outcome. And will pay through the nose for it! So, always check for a strong track record of successful school pacement.



Books,pencils and laptop,11 plus tutor cost guide

3. Many of today’s tutors are qualified teachers too

Also don’t necessarily assume that a qualified teacher (ie one with PGCE, QTS certificates) is the best person to tutor your child. Even though qualified teachers generally command much higher prices than non-qualified teachers they aren’t necessarily better.

There are some very good graduates out there with a good track record of getting children through their 11 Plus.

Expect to pay around £30 for an unqualified teacher compared to around £50 per hour for a qualified teacher.

4. Don’t commit to too many sessions!

Every child is different, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t spend more than a few months getting your child tutored for the 11 Plus. According to Anita Moss, Director of First Tutors, the average tuition relationship lasts for 16.5 hours.

Much more than that and fatigue can set in and your child could be burned out even before sitting the entrance exams!

5. Online tutoring offers a wider selection of tutors

This became the norm during the 2021 and 2022 lockdowns. Many school children are therefore already well=versed in the pros and cons of online teaching. The primary attraction, particualrly if you live in a remote, rural location is that you can access quality tutors from the many online tutoring agencies. You are not restricted to local tutors prepared to come to your home addres each week.

Still, in our opinion, sitting alongside your tutor is the best option. But it’s also the most expensive. Increasingly popular is online tutoring. This can save you an awful lot of money.

Some tutors offer their services for nearly half the price of face to face tutoring because they don’t have to travel. With broadband speeds improving all the time, it’s now more practical than ever to use services like Skype. For those in rural locations, it may also be a more practical option.

Group tutoring in a sense splits your tutoring bill

Using a group tutor inevitably brings the costs down. For example, tuition company Explore Learning charges approximately £129 per month for two sessions a week of 1 hour 15 minutes each. These take place with up to six children per tutor. This compares favourably price-wise to one-to-one tuition which currently averages around £40 per hour.

Do it Yourself!

OK, this might not be your preferred option. However, parents with a bit of time and patience can invest in coaching books designed around the 11 Plus exams. You can find a vast selection of various papers on this site.

With links to be found to all from the Home page or have a look at the School Entrance Index to make sure you don’t miss any. Your child can then sit these at home in close to exam conditions.

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How best to use our FREE and PREMIUM past papers

Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice. This is using the practice materials which are closest to your 9+ school entry exam. This is why we offer the very latest school entrance 9+ past paers. These are the best source for your child to use.