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When is GCSE exam results day 2021?

This year’s GCSE results day is on Thursday 12 August.

  • This is a little more than two weeks earlier than planned – the release of results had previously been scheduled for 27 August.
  • Bringing results day forward is intended to provide more time for student appeals – particularly for those students who are waiting on GCSE results as part of their university application.
    Contact your individual GCSE exam board for further details: AQA’s advice on GCSE results day 2021; Edexcel’s update; Cambridge Assessment GCSE exam board’s advice.

When is A Levels exam results day 2021?

Welcome to our A-Level results 2021, Ofqual assessment materials and How will A levels 2021 grades be assessed? feature.

2021 Ofqual assessment materials

  • Ofqual publish those questions in advance which teachers can use to help assess students’ grades.
  • The A Level exam boards published online a bank of A Level questions from past A Level papers which teachers can use to test their A Level pupils.

Noting that these 2021 A Level questions are not the sole source of evidence for teachers to use. Additional sources of teacher assessment evidence includes:”, with evidence such as

  • 2021 A Level coursework.
  • A Level class work 2021.
  • 2021 A Level mock exam results.

The Northern Ireland A Levels watchdog has highlighted the risks of over-testing A Level pupils.

2021 Ofqual assessment materials

A Level Results Day 2021

Students will receive their A Level results and AS Level results on the 10 August 2021. Following the release of results, there will be a window for students who believe their grade is wrong to raise an appeal.

A Level results 2022 (in England)

  • A-level exams are unlikely to again be in their normal form in 2022.
  • According to Ofqual… changes must take account of learning loss and disruption.
  • Ofqual are currently considering several different options for 2022 A Levels.

How will A levels 2021 grades be assessed?

A-Level grades 2021 will be based on what students have been taught, not what they’ve missed.

Teachers will be given clear guidance to support them in assessing their students. They will use a range of evidence, which could include mock exams, coursework and other work completed as part of a student’s course, such as essays or in-class tests.

Exam boards will also provide optional sets of questions for teachers to use to help them gather evidence. There will be a combination of published and unpublished questions and teachers will be able to select groups of questions that reflect what they have taught.

A Level results 2021

What are the timings for this?

Teachers will submit grades to exam boards by Friday 18 June 2021.

Results days for GCSE, AS, and A level and some vocational qualifications will then take place in the week of Monday 9 August 2021. This will give extra time for any appeals to be assessed.

What processes will be in place to ensure the grades are as fair as possible?

Before grades are submitted, students will be told what evidence is being used to assess them. Students can see this evidence and tell their teachers about any mitigating circumstances they think might affect their grade.

Schools will make sure that their assessment process is fair, using guidance from exam boards. Exam boards will also check schools – both a representative sample of all schools and colleges, and more targeted checks using risk-based criteria.

How will the grading standards be set?

Teachers will consider each student’s performance using the sources of evidence they are using for their cohort. They will make an evidence-based judgement of the grade each student is performing at.

What if a student believes their grade is wrong?

As in any other year every student will have the right to appeal their grade. If they believe their grade is wrong, they can ask their centre to check for errors. If the student still believes their grade is wrong, their centre can then submit an appeal to the exam board on their behalf. The exam board can confirm whether the grade is reasonable based on the evidence. If not, they will determine the alternative grade.

An exam board will only revise a student’s grade where the evidence cannot reasonably support that grade, rather than as a result of marginal differences of opinion. Students should be aware that grades can go up or down as the result of an appeal.

A-Levels Results Day 2021

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When is the 11 plus exam results day 2021?

A Levels results day is on Thursday 12 August.
Contact your individual 11 plus exam board for further details:

2021 Ofqual assessment materials