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CAT4 test question types

The CAT4 consists of 8 individual tests to evaluate a student’s Verbal Reasoning (VR), Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR), Quantitative Reasoning (QR) and Spatial Awareness (SA).

Individual tests are between 8-10 minutes and consist of the following;

  • Figure Classification and Figure Matrices
  • Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies
  • Number Analogies and Number Series
  • Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition

What type of questions are in a CAT4 test?

CAT4  Verbal Reasoning Skills

  • Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand, classify, and identify patterns in words.
  • The CAT4 measures a child’s ability in this area using a verbal classification test and a verbal analogies test.
  • The verbal classification test presents the student with a number of words which are related in some way.
  • The student then needs to select another word from five other words which is associated in a similar way with the group presented.
Verbal Classification Example from GL Assessment
  • The verbal analogies test requires the student to determine the relationship between a pair of words.
  • A third word will then be presented and the student needs to use the relationship from the first pair to select a fourth word.
  • This helps to assess the ability to determine verbal connections, relationships, and patterns.
Verbal Analogy Example from GL Assessment

What type of questions are in a CAT4 test?

CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning

  • Ability to apply mathematical skills to real world problems.
  • Requires the identification of similarities and patterns in numbers to help analyse.
  • Assesses conclusions which are based on logical relationships.
  • Measures a child’s ability in this area using a number analogies test and a number series test.
Number Analogy Example from GL Assessment

The number series test presents a series of numbers which are related using a rule or function. The student needs to analyze the numbers and determine the function / rule and calculate the next number in the sequence.

Number Series Example from GL Assessment 

What type of questions are in a CAT4 test?

CAT4 Non Verbal Reasoning

  • Non-verbal reasoning is the ability to visually understand shapes, their relationships and patterns, differences, and similarities.
  • CAT4 measures a child’s ability in this area using a figure classification test and a figure matrices test.
  • The figure classification test presents a group of shapes which are similar in some way.
  • Respondents select one of the other five shapes presented that also belong to the group due to the shared characteristic.


Figure Classification Example from GL Assessment

The figure matrices test is about recognizing the way shapes change and how to apply this change to other shapes.

What type of questions are in a CAT4 test?

Figure Matrices Example from GL Assessment

Spatial Awareness (SA)

  • Spatial Reasoning is the ability to solve complex three dimensional problems by mentally visualizing, manipulating, rotating, and transforming images.
  • The CAT4 measures a child’s ability in this area using a figure analysis test and a figure recognition test.
  • The student needs to visualize how the square would look unfolded and select the correct option from the five presented.

What type of questions are in a CAT4 test?

Figure Analysis Example from GL Assessment
  • The figure recognition test evaluates the students ability to recognize shapes within other shapes.
Figure Recognition Example from GL Assessment