Our full list below of personality surveys, includes the latest Virtual Burnout personality quiz. Some experts say we’re not actually as burned out as we may think. Find out below by taking our popular Virtual Burnout Personality Quiz, or the career-specific Teacher Burnout survey .

Content updated Q2 2021

Virtual Burnout Personality Quiz

Firstly, How at risk are you from Virtual Burnout?

Virtual burnout is a high-risk issue for all remote workers - especially those who have to juggle both family and work lives from a home-based working environment. There are three main factors assessed in our virtual burnout quiz.

We survey the three main issues and provide our recommended next step for your top two virtual burnout factors.

Click on the button representing the answer option - most like your feelings over the last week.



I've less energy.

Question 1 of 18


I get annoyed with someone.

Question 2 of 18


I feel quite isolated.

Question 3 of 18


I feel less work pressure than usual.

Question 4 of 18


I've wanted to find a new job.

Question 5 of 18


It's difficult to find the time to relax.

Question 6 of 18


Regular work activities are taking me longer than usual.

Question 7 of 18


I do not find the people I'm dealing with irritating.

Question 8 of 18


It still feels like I chose the right career.

Question 9 of 18


I feel stressed out.

Question 10 of 18


I achieve less than usual at work.

Question 11 of 18


There is miscommunication with my colleagues.

Question 12 of 18


Something quite little upsets me.

Question 13 of 18


I feel positive about my job.

Question 14 of 18


I do not have difficulty concentrating.

Question 15 of 18


Work is more demanding than usual.

Question 16 of 18


My manager does not frustrate me.

Question 17 of 18


I struggle to get everything done.

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Virtual Burnout personality quiz

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