We offer a practice test design service.We specialize in producing the three main 11 Plus papers: English Comprehension; Verbal Reasoning; and Maths. Our founder has published books containing hundreds of different verbal reasoning , English Comprehension and Maths questions.

We are responsive to any bespoke practice test design that is needed. We only need an example item and the number of questions required.

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Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests book reviews

Buy this book to pass!

Brilliant book. Read it from cover to cover. Don’t skip the chapters.

Brilliantly practical and informative.

What a great practical book. Definitely a worthwhile buy.


Very clear layout to follow, questions advance over the book.

Very clear layout to follow, questions advance over the chapters and it sets a steady pace. This book helped me immensely to get all the practice I needed within 3 days.


A really useful book .

I heartily recommend.

Great book and pretty hard numerical exercises.


Useful, informative and good value.

A very user-friendly and easy to read guide. Really focuses your mind on brushing up on your Maths skills. The author explains clearly how you can prepare to give your best for a test. Very useful and highly recommended.

Great book, tons of info and test to help you understand.

I will recommend to anyone who needs to get through a numerical reasoning test.


Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book reviews

Brilliantly practical advice.

The advice and practical examples will answer all your questions about an impending assessment. The book is easy to read and covers preparation, practical examples and an overview of the usual proceedings on test day. The author also highlights questions to be asked before test day and (I was very pleased to see) encourages feedback after assessment. The recaps at the end of every chapter are great for a quick overview before test day. Definitely a worthwhile investment and sure to put you at ease before an assessment of this kind.

A MUST BUY for anyone attempting to pass any verbal reasoning test.

An informative yet easy to read book which helped me get through graduate level tests to the next stages of application. Would highly recommend.

Excellent sample tests and explanations.

Passed the VRT for HMRC Legal Trainee Scheme this year after reading this book.

Very useful and good practice.

The book has a good range of tests that reflect what comes up in real tests – so pretty good practice for the real thing. Just what I needed to further my career. Now I’ve tried the tests I feel more confident. Good quality and light reading!