Teaching English as a Foreign Language entails:

  • Developing students’ verbal and written comprehension skills.
  • English being one of the most widely spoken languages around the globe makes it the link of communication between people of diverse linguistic skills.
  • Preparing students from non-English speaking nations to effectively shape their academic success.

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Teacher of English as a foreign language online with phonetics

Many famous institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, and MIT consider students who can speak good English and it is the major reason for admission in these Ivy League universities. Besides, such teachers are the ones who can make a diagnosis for the psychological elements that intervene in the process of learning. As a result, when they identify elements impacting the performance of learners or students, they can effectively make a positive change in the process to communicate and obtain learning.

Therefore, students can improve or learn English to make a mark abroad or in the UK.

Qualifications as an English Language teacher

There are various qualifications that an English language teacher needs to acquire before teaching English to people who use it as a foreign language. Some of the qualifications are explained below:

TEFL programs are intended for teachers/educators who plan to go overseas for teaching students in a nation where the primary language is not English. The standard requirements for the work in TEFL are a university degree and a teaching qualification. A person needs to have a TEFL certification in order to teach EFL in private language schools overseas and some private language educational institutions in the UK. It is also known that one does not require having any formal experience or qualifications to enrol on a TEFL course. If he/she can speak English well enough they can easily receive a TEFL certificate.

Teacher of English as a foreign language in front of class

  • TESL (Teaching English as a second language):

Similarly, to TEFL, TESL prepares educators to teach English to non-English speakers. To qualify as a TESL, an individual requires a graduate degree in any discipline. Or a degree in language or linguistics. Or a TEFL certification. However, there are no fixed criteria as different countries have different requirements.

  • TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages):

TESOL methodology training is key for non-native English speakers residing in an English-speaking country. To receive a TESOL certificate, an individual will require to complete TESOL training either through online or in-class courses.


How to choose the right teacher for you

  • Well Qualified

    It is best to check whether the teacher is qualified in TEFL, TESL, etc. One should always ask for certification so that the genuineness of the qualification can be proved.

  • Experienced to deal with non-native speakers

    A teacher of English as a foreign language should have experience dealing with their students. Having a proper amount of experience makes a teacher learn about the nerves of the students. Hence the teacher then knows where the student needs to improve.

  • Knowing multiple languages

    A sign of a good teacher of English as a foreign language will be to know diversified languages and cultures. This way the student will feel confident to communicate with the teacher. Knowing different languages helps the teacher to be empathetic towards their students as they can connect linguistically. Moreover, all problems which the student face can be easily sought once the teacher knows the language, hence there will be no hiccups while the lessons are being taught.

  • Length of course

    A non-native speaker has a time limit to learn English as a foreign language as they are learning for a purpose. Hence, a good English teacher of a foreign language should have different plans for teaching English within different time frames. They should be able to switch between their techniques of teaching English as per the demands of the foreign students. This way the student will be able to finish their English course within time.

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