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Verbal reasoning papers are used in different settings. Both in the school entrance, aptitude assessment and recruitment. It refers to problem-solving through verbal (language) reasoning. There are various types of questions. There are also different levels of difficulty. Depending on the reason for the assessment. The questions include:

These are problem-solving skills, that we use on a daily basis. Therefore exposure to to reading and discussing concepts could be very beneficial. Especially to anyone who has not had any exposure to these questions. These questions are quite often used in most forms of assessments. Although not all schools use them. Our articles in this Archive will highlight what you need to know about these forms of assessment.

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Literacy practice tips

Our focus here is on providing you with the most useful Literacy practice tips. We pride ourselves on offering free practice test resources, including literacy test tips. Hope that you find these literacy test tips useful! Literacy practice tips We are focusing on one of the key communication skills in professional life. That’s why literacy…

11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Tips

Welcome to our free 11+ verbal reasoning test tips and our premium verbal reasoning test practice.   bookBUY 11+ exam papers schooland mark schemes   bookFREE 11 plus exam papers school11+ Guides (writing, comprehension, interview)   *  * * CONTENT UPDATED Q3 2021 * * * 11+ verbal reasoning test tips  All of our 11+ practice…