In this SEN support Tag Archive, you can find all of the Articles on our site which are about education support and how to harness it.

Educational SEN support can have many aspects. In our articles, we look at ways in which your child’s education can be supported. Whether it is tips on eating well for optimal brain function or a look at a new approach in education. We aspire to provide our audience with the latest news in this field. We also have a look at how to incorporate different forms of learning and how to support your child the best you can. Sometimes a little push is all that’s needed. Other times we need to explain and reason. Nothing wrong with that. We do endeavour to keep things simple and provide you with what works. Keep an eye on this Archive for exciting development and contextual content.  Our main aim is to provide you with the education support suitable to you and your child.

SEN / Dyslexia Reading Tests

In this feature we focus on Dyslexia Reading Tests, then the Lucid Test Reading example – as well as special educational needs throughout the feature. Lucid test – dyslexia reading test Special Educational Needs (SEN teaching) Children and parents have struggled to adjust to homeschooling. Now, some have to cope with returning to schools which…