In this Tag Archive, you can find all of the Articles on our site about our Pupil Pulpit series. In this series, we look at the contributions of pupils.

Our Pupil Pulpit series uses the guest blog contributions of different school-aged children from UK schools. These contributions focus on things like their experience of education. Looking at subject choices. Perceptions of school entrance exams.

With the Pupil Pulpit series, we would like to see the perceptions and opinions of children themselves. Through this, they can shed a lot more light on what kind of support is necessary within the system. This is also meant to give children a platform on which to voice their opinions and views. This can be great practice for creative writing and might just awaken a passion for writing within children. If you’d like to submit your child’s contribution, please don’t hesitate to contact the Passed Papers team.

GCSE Options Guest Blog – from our Pupil Pulpit

Our latest Pupil Pulpit guest blog comes from Eve, aged 14, who relates her recent personal experiences of selecting her GCSE Options. PUPIL PULPIT – Eve’s GCSE Options Recently I made my options decision for GCSE. The choices or amount of freedom varies from school to school but I had to choose between history and geography,…