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Our quizzes and surveys aim to give you a deeper insight into your own beliefs and behaviour. Without a deeper understanding of yourself, you cannot make the best choices in any aspect of your life, whether career wise, relationships or with any of the other many other decisions you have to make on a daily basis.

Firstly, 11 plus verbal reasoning tests.
Secondly, Non-verbal Reasoning tests
Thirdly, 11 plus Maths tests.
And also, personality survey practice.
Plus, Cognitive Ability Tests.
And also, 11 plus Abstract Reasoning tests.
Then finally, Spatial Reasoning tests.

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Our practice aptitude test quizzes include subject matter for

Firstly, the 11 Plus.
Secondly, the CAT4.
Thirdly, SATs.
And finally, GCSEs.

Our practice aptitude test quizzes include the common entrance exam.


Girl smiling in chemistry lab. London private school education

Top Boys Schools / Top Girls Schools

Here’s the latest Sunday Times League Table Boys Schools 2022 Sunday Times League Table Boys Schools 2022 Rank Rank School Town 2 2 King’s College School, Wimbledon Wimbledon 3 6 St Paul’s School London 4 7 Westminster School Westminster 9 22 Hampton School Hampton 13 28 Latymer Upper School London 15 31 Alleyn’s School Dulwich…

GCSEs 2023

2022 PreTests

Welcome to our feature on pretests and the common entrance exam.   bookBUY 11+ 13+ pre-tests schoolBUY 11+ 13+ mark schemes   FOR YOUR school using the ISEB Common Pretest.   PreTests and Common Entrance Exam ISEB is welcoming many candidates to the Common Pre-Tests this year as more senior schools turn to this assessment…

CEM SELECT Private schools admissions

Our private schools Admissions guide

Welcome to our feature on Private school Admissions guide – beyond Testing requirements. Want to know which local prep schools use the  ISEB Common Pretest for entry ? If so, then you can click here to search.  ISEB Pre Tests Parents Guide Maths ISEB Revision Guide   bookBUY 11+ 13+ pre-tests schoolBUY 11+ 13+ mark schemes…

GCSE Results Day 2022

Independent schools cost

Welcome to our feature on: How much do Independent schools cost and Choosing the Best School for Your Child Most applications to private schools require parents to write about their children in a parent’s statement or by filling out a questionnaire. The purpose of the parent’s letter is to add dimension to the candidate’s statement…

Girl smiling in chemistry lab. London private school education

Prep school 6+ exams practice

Welcome to our Prep school 6+ exams. Here’s some excellent replica versions of real 6+ prep school entry tests: Practice 6+ prep school papers and our premium 5+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+ 11+ 12+ 13+ practice test papers . Prep school 6+ exams practice To select students for Year 2 entry into top prep schools.…

private education’s cost wort

Is private education’s cost worth it?

  Welcome to our feature, Is private education’s cost worth it?   What is private education’s cost? When it comes to senior boarding school fees, it may be somewhere around 35,000 GBP minimum. There are certain factors that also determine the fee of a school. Firstly, location plays a major role. Secondly, the parent body to…

GCSE Results Day 2022

Are there affordable prep schools?

Welcome to our latest feature on affordable prep schools. Click these ISEB links for: …downloading this excellent ISEB introductory guide  ISEB 11+ Pre Tests Parents Guide or ISEB Maths Revision Guide ISEB 11+ Maths Revision Guide   bookMOCK EXAMS 7+ 8+ 10+ 11+ schoolPurchase mark schemes  What are the pre-tests? There are two pre-tests publisher.…

Illuminated Heriot's School as some of best Scottish Schools 2021

TES Independent School Awards 2021

Welcome to our latest feature on the UK’s top schools, the TES Independent School Awards 2021. UK’s Top School Awards 2021 – TES Independent Schools Best use of technology  – Rugby School Rugby School, in Warwickshire, captured the judges’ attention through its use of technology to help students adjust to lockdown restrictions. Investment in technology…

Bridge over Thames Best London Schools 2021

Top London Prep Schools 2022

Explore below the lists of top London secondary schools 2022 and top London Prep Top London prep schools 2022 bookBUY 11+ 13+ pre-tests schoolBUY 11+ 13+ mark schemes   bookPurchase CEM Select prep school papers schoolPurchase ISEB pre-tests practice papers   ISC listed Independent schools in Greater London Looking for the best London prep schools for…

11+ exam 2021

Which top Prep schools 2022 are near me?

Welcome to: Best schools in London near you. Top private schools 2022. Latest top Prep school league tables 2022. Free common entrance exam practice tests. book Common pre-tests   bookBUY 7+ exam papers schoolBUY 8+ exam papers   Top private schools UK 2022 1 Guildford High Junior School, Guildford 2 Seaton House School, Sutton 3 St Martin’s Preparatory…

Top London Prep Schools. Picture of Buckingham palace gates

Which are the Top London Prep schools?

Want to get your child into a top secondary school? One way of doing it is to get them a place at a top London ‘prep’ school first. As the name suggests, prep schools prepare children for private secondary education. Usually, these independent schools take children from the ages of eight to 13 when they…