n this Culture Fit Category, you can firstly find all of our most useful and up-to-date information and surveys.

Culture fit refers to whether your beliefs and behaviour is in line with your industry/employer’s values and culture.

Our quizzes and surveys aim to give you a deeper insight into your own beliefs and behaviour. Without a deeper understanding of yourself, you cannot make the best choices in any aspect of your life, whether careerwise, relationships or with any of the other many other decisions you have to make on a daily basis.

Secondly, our quizzes and surveys in this Culture Fit Category will also provide some advice as to how to improve certain skills or behaviours. These will aim to help you to not only create awareness but also give practical tips on how to improve them.

We hope you find both of these useful.

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We work across a wide range of sectors and job roles. Our tailor-made psychometric offerings are as unique as our clients’ organisations.

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How stressed is your child. Child with paint roller and different colours.

How stressed is your child?

Being a child in today’s society can be very stressful. Not only do they have to deal with puberty and the normal stresses of childhood, but also the added strains of technology, social media and higher academic expectations. It might be a good idea to have a look at your child’s stress levels. Stress can…

Strengths Test. Abstract side view image of girl

Strengths Survey

Welcome to our Career Tests – starting with our Career Strengths Test. Our Career Tests – Strengths Test The Career Strengths Test assesses the most suitable inteliigence types which should guide your future career choice. It is based on the following seven types of intelligence: Self-Growth / Self-Growth Intelligence Emotional / Emotional Intelligence Logical Reasoning…

Effective Learning Styles. Abstract of head with learning areas

Quiz: learning styles

Effective Learning by Finding Your Learning Style We also take a closer look at how your child can reach their full potential by finding their own learning style.  We all think differently, perceive differently and learn differently. To learn your own preferences and in making learning fun, not only creates a happier child but breeds…