In this Tag Archive, HireVue games, you can find all of the Articles on our site which are about HireVue games. They are a worldwide supplier of game-based assessments.

Since 2017 they have been leading the psychometric test design. Then their input to the MindX design team. Working on their game based learning assessment (GBA) tools. This has continued since the HireVue takeover of the MindX company in May 2018.

The digital assessment supplier Hire Vue, with their cutting-edge cognitive ability mini-game tests, is the leading worldwide supplier of game-based assessment. For entry talent, for graduate assessment and for more manager assessment.

HireVue games are great for assessing talent and development in a fun way. Candidates can relax and enjoy the process. In the meantime, all characteristics and competencies are assessed in a fun way.

Although HireVue does not provide educational assessments, their game based assessments are very informative. Practice in these kinds of assessment are also very beneficial for future employment. The results will provide insights necessary for career development.

Game-based learning

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning Game-based learning is a speciality of School Entrance Tests. Just like most we love games and find that learning through games doesn’t only make it fun, but it amplifies learning. Below we list useful links to not only game-based learning but also game-based assessment. Whether for education or in the world of business.…