In this Tag Archive, you can find all of the Articles on our site which are about game-based learning and assessment. Learning should be fun, so why not do it through games.

More and more educational resources are based on games. Not only does it engage learners, but they enjoy it. Isn’t that the point. To get children to enjoy learning should be the main motivation in education. Therefore breeding a lifelong love of learning.

This does not only apply to learning, but assessment too. When a candidate is engaged and enjoying what they are doing, we can measure potential much more accurately. Game-based learning and assessment are at the forefront of education and assessment. We are happy to report and be involved in these great developments. Learning should be fun and therefore involving game-based learning and assessment. Follow this Archive to see our articles on this and related subject matter.

Game-based learning

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning Game-based learning is a speciality of School Entrance Tests. Just like most we love games and find that learning through games doesn’t only make it fun, but it amplifies learning. Below we list useful links to not only game-based learning but also game-based assessment. Whether for education or in the world of business.…