In this aptitude Tag Archive, you can find all of the articles on our site which are about aptitude. We look at different aptitude trends to give you a good overview of current and future trends and developments.

These tests are used to gauge the natural ability of a learner. There are various versions of this form of assessment. Therefore we try to provide information and practice on all of these.

These forms of assessment are not based on knowledge or content. Instead, these are based on the natural ability of a person. Subsequently, it can be physical or mental. At School Entrance Tests we focus on the mental aspect of aptitude tests. We also provide practice tests.

These tests are used in different settings. The CAT4 is a great example of this and is also featured on the site.

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GRE Study Schedule

What’s the best GRE study schedule for me?

GRE Study Schedules 1 Week Study Schedule So you’re kind of a last-minute studier…but that’s okay because we’re here to help! 🙂 And since you’ve got very little time, you’re going to have to keep up your end of the bargain and give it your all. That’s why we developed this one-week crash course to…

Progress test in Maths. Hands with pen, calculator and other maths related tools.

GL Progress Test in Maths PTM

GL Assessment’s Progress Test in Maths A progress test in mathematics entails assessing two means of learning maths that is using mathematical content and understanding and applying mathematical processes through problem-solving. The test is also essential in improving teacher workload as it has been designed to be easily accessible and straight forward with simple guidelines.…

Great British Intelligence Test

Why take an intelligence test?

Welcome to our link to the Great British Intelligence Test – plus our free aptitude test practice/tips resources. The link to the BBC’s Great British Intelligence Results. All of our psychometric test practice resources are free! This page focuses on aptitude test tips. Numerical Reasoning Test Practice Why test numerical reasoning? Many medium-sized and large…