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STEM careers refer to jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. You will find various STEM careers listed below. For an overview on becoming qualified in one of these careers listed, follow the associated link.

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Women in Tech: targeting girls for STEM careers

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With the current skills shortage in these careers, a lot of emphases is put on the training and education in Maths and related subjects. Our blog on Women in Tech specifically looks at how to get girls more involved in this field. According to this article on the Skills Shortage, the cost to the STEM sector is £1.5 bn. It is estimated that new STEM jobs will double in the next 10 years. With a reported 89% of STEM businesses currently struggling to recruit, the pressure is on.

Joining a STEM society is a great way to connect to your chosen profession and it looks impressive on your CV. It might also help you acquire those core competency skills needed.

There is no doubt that these careers are in demand and will be more so in the future. As these careers mostly involve tertiary education, it is important to know the requirements and necessary subject choices needed to follow your chosen direction. Join or start a STEM club at your school and connect to a world of information.

A rise in non-tech jobs

The rise in tech jobs and the growth in tech companies have brought on the inevitable growth of non-tech jobs within tech companies. A recent article on research done by Glassdoor shows the rise in non-tech jobs quite clearly.

Some of the key findings from this research:

  • As tech companies grow, so does the need for operations managers, marketing, sales, finance etc.
  • Over half of the job vacancies at tech companies are for non-tech roles (54%).
  • The five most in-demand non-tech jobs are an account manager, operations manager, account executive and marketing manager.
  • The five most in-demand tech jobs are a software engineer, product manager, software development engineer, solutions architect and a web developer.
  • According to this research, the average median salary for tech jobs at tech companies in the UK is £40 400 and for non-tech jobs, it is £38 100.

Career Guides for Schools

Careers Guidance is particularly valuable at these key stages:

  • Which GCSE options to choose? (During Y9)
  • What sort of Level 3 qualification to take – A level, Level 3 BTEC, Apprenticeship, T levels (Years 10 and Y11).
  • Where to go after Level 3 – University, Apprenticeship, Work, (Year 12).
  • After graduation.


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