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When do the 11 Plus results come out?

  • In 2020, Kent’s 11 plus test results were sent out on 2nd Nov.
  • Essex’s 11 plus test results were posted on 2nd Dec. 2020.
  • From 3rd Dec. 2021, the online link opened CSSE 11+ Results for 2021 Entry


What’s the 11 plus pass mark 2021?

What percentage are different regional 11+ pass marks? Happy students.

What score do you need to pass the 11+? That depends on what Local Educational Authority (LEA) you take the test in. Each region has its own pass marks for entry into a grammar school. In fully selective regions where there are many grammar schools, (i.e. Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent) the pass mark is lower than in areas with fewer grammar schools (Greater London). In addition, different schools within the same LEA may have different minimum pass marks.

Also, 11 plus pass marks are standardised using a complex statistical process. Put simply, this means a child’s score is adjusted to reflect their age and the difficulty of the paper. Standardisation ensures fairness because older children would otherwise have an advantage.

Some grammar schools select candidates by ranked order. Places are given to the children who performed best on the test. Other schools have a minimum pass mark and use other criteria, such as distance, faith, siblings, to select candidates. In conclusion, it is impossible to say exactly what percentage you need to pass the 11-plus. However, as an approximate figure, a child will need to score about 80—85% to pass. Obviously, in more competitive areas this figure may be higher.



Our popular 7 Step Guide to the 11 Plus*

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11 plus pass mark 2021


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11 plus pass mark 2021

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