This is the introduction to Passing School Exams.

Passing School Exams

Gaining a grammar school place has never been more competitive. Effective preparation for grammar school entrance requires recent 11-plus past exams. That’s the main reason I formed School Entrance Tests and 11pluspapers – to give every parent easy access to the right past papers and helpful test-taking tips. That means improved scores and reduced anxiety for you and your child.

Why use Passed Papers?

In my opinion, familiarising yourself with the exam format is the best way to prepare for the 11-plus. First of all, taking the 11-plus is stressful. If your child knows what to expect, they will be a lot calmer on the big day. This will allow them to work to the best of their ability. Secondly, if your child practises similar questions under timed conditions, they will get used to working quickly and accurately. Finally, taking past papers reveals the types of questions your child consistently gets wrong. By focusing on common mistakes, you can target your child’s 11-plus practice and make best use of their preparation time.

Introduction to the Different Types of 11-Plus

There are two main assessment organisations that provide 11-plus exams for most regions in the UK – CEM and GL. Both types of 11-plus test cover maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning but there are some key differences. Some regions use a mixture of the two papers. There may also be differences in the exams used by different grammar schools within the same region. Therefore, it is essential to check which test format your child will be taking so that you can use the correct practice papers to prepare.

GL 11+ Exams

The GL 11+ exams may be multiple choice or standard format. They are:

  • Separated by subject.
  • Subdivided usually. The subdivisions include English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.
  • Composed of questions from the GL Assessment Question bank..

CEM 11+ Exams

Whereas, the CEM 11+ exams are:

  • Made up of two papers.
  • Each of the two CEM 11+ papers has a mixture of separately timed sections.
  • Resistant to coaching. This makes the CEM 11+ exams fairer.
  • Made-up of questions linked to Key Stage 2 content. In particular, vocabulary and speed.

Essex 11+ Exams

The third type of 11 Plus exam format is the Essex 11+ Exam. It is only used for admittance to Essex’s grammar school system.



Firstly, here are some excellent 11+ Maths tips.

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You will find this to be useful mental Maths practice.

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So, for anyone aspiring to become an 11-plus tutor this blog explains how to do just that.

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