Armed Forces Career guidance. Soldier behind telescope of gun.

Armed Services Careers Guidance

Welcome to our Army Careers Guidance for Graduates. Army Careers Guidance for Graduates A career in the armed forces provides opportunities to individuals interested in becoming defenders of the free. The three branches of armed forces that graduates can join in the UK are the Army Officer training, Royal Air Force (RAF Officer training), and the…

CAT4 Number Series. Computer code building an image

CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Number Series Test 1

The CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Battery consists of two types of tests. Number Series Number Analogies The Cognitive Ability Test: CAT4is a standardised cognitive test. It provides insights into children’s’ ability to reason across 4 fields: verbal, non-verbal, mathematical and spatial as compared to the national average. For more information on CAT4 tests visit our CAT4 Practice page.…

Jobs for your GCSEs

Jobs you can get with GCSEs

Whether you want to be the next Richard Branson or simply don’t want to go onto further education, there are plenty of options if you leave school with just your GCSEs.  So you’ve just done your GCSEs, what next? While many people choose to go on to do A-Levels and a degree at University, it…

Educational apps for better 11Plus results. Boy at kitchen table with tablet.

Using educational apps to improve exam results

In our most recent blog, we have a look at how educational apps can help with improving your child’s learning and subsequent 11Plus results. Today’s digital age has seen technology impacting just about every aspect of life. Education is no exception. For one, technology has considerably expanded access to education. Subsequently, creating more opportunities for…

How stressed is your child? Dog on surfboard

How stressed is your child?

Use this handy quiz for your child to have a look at their own stress levels. Being a child in today’s society can be very stressful. Not only do they have to deal with puberty and the normal stresses of childhood, but also the added strains of technology, social media and higher academic expectations. With…


International Tuition

Tutoring which is truly international I have been tutoring on international placements since being approached to tutor in Shanghai over the summer of 2012. It was a role that seemed tailor-made for me. A Classics and Law graduate, tutoring Latin and Greek to an Eton scholarship candidate and his older brother a short introduction to…


GCSE Options Guest Blog – from our Pupil Pulpit

Our latest Pupil Pulpit guest blog comes from Eve, aged 14, who relates her recent personal experiences of selecting her GCSE Options. PUPIL PULPIT – Eve’s GCSE Options Recently I made my options decision for GCSE. The choices or amount of freedom varies from school to school but I had to choose between history and geography,…


Game Based Learning

Game based learning Game based learning is a speciality of School Entrance Tests. Since 2017 we have been leading the psychometric test design input to the MindX design team for their game based learning assessment (GBA) tools. This has continued since the HireVue takeover of the MindX company in May 2018. The digital assessment supplier…


11+ Maths Practice Test 2

Welcome to our second 11+ Maths practice test. The more you practice the better you will get. 11+ Maths Practice For more Ten Minute Maths Practice, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests follow our regular blogs here. Find full-length 11+ Maths Practice past and sample papers for many of most popular private and grammar schools please…


Montessori Schools

What Are Montessori Schools? If you’ve been searching for a nursery for your child, you may have come across the term Montessori School. But what does that mean, exactly? These schools follow an educational movement developed by the Italian doctor and educator, Maria Montessori, in the early twentieth century. Dr Montessori’s educational philosophy is based…


Creativity in Education

Everyone knows education is one of the most valued things in our culture; it shapes young minds that take us into our terrifying future. Children starting school in September 2019 won’t be retiring until around 2090. We children have to be taught how to survive in the world in 30 years. Yet we don’t know…


Learning and Teaching

Designing School Grounds to assist Learning and Teaching School grounds can provide an enormously valuable resource for learning and teaching – for any subject, at short notice and for little or no cost. So it’s vitally important that their capacity to support curriculum delivery and opportunities for learning through play are considered in their design.…


STEM Careers Choice

STEM Careers Guidance STEM and Careers Guidance The term ‘STEM’ originated in government as a useful acronym for a group of closely related subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Subjects which, it is argued, are of significant importance to the UK economy. Across a range of STEM industries, including life sciences, chemical sciences, engineering…


Future STEM Jobs

In this blog, we look at which future STEM jobs you can prepare yourself for now. STEM jobs refer to those involved in Science, Technology, Electronics and Mathematics. What will future STEM jobs look like? You only need to watch sci-fi movies to know that we have not been that great in predicting the future…

Women in tech

Women in tech: girls’ STEM careers

Women in tech How organisations such as GCHQ are targeting girls for STEM careers Intelligence service GCHQ and defence company BAE Systems are two organisations looking to get more women in tech.  The UK faces a nationwide skills shortage within the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) community. According to Engineering UK’s 2018 report, 203,000 people with…