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Graduate News

Graduate news trends The increase in the number of graduate courses and the career benefits of having a degree has driven a huge increase in the number of graduates. There remains a limited number of vacancies each year on graduate trainee schemes. During the recent years of recession, the number of graduate-entry roles became even…

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How stressed is your child?

Being a child in today’s society can be very stressful. Not only do they have to deal with puberty and the normal stresses of childhood, but also the added strains of technology, social media and higher academic expectations. It might be a good idea to have a look at your child’s stress levels. Stress can…

What is the Common Entrance Exam Pass Mark? Two girls taking a selfie of them and good exam results

What’s the entry mark for private schools’ Common Entrance Exam for 2019?

Common Entrance Pass Mark Typically, the average pass mark is between 55 – 60%. Although there are difficulty levels. The standard of work for Common Entrance in most subjects is in advance of a student’s academic age. Some subjects, such as English, involve working at GCSE level. What is the Common Entrance exam? Firstly, it’s not…

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Brexit effect on children

How will Brexit affect British school children? It isn’t just adults who are affected by protracted Brexit negotiations. Children are too. Some are under the impression there is no longer any point learning a language. Others are simply worried that Europeans will no longer like them. According to a recent report from the British Council,…

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Careers Advice – Strengths Test

Welcome to our Intelligence Strengths Test. Our Strengths Test This Test assesses the following seven intelligence strengths: Self-Growth / Self-Growth Intelligence Emotional / Emotional Intelligence Logical Reasoning / Logical Intelligence Kinesthetic / Kinesthetic Intelligence Spatial Reasoning / Spatial Reasoning Intelligence Numerical Reasoning / Numerical Reasoning Intelligence Verbal Reasoning / Verbal Reasoning Intelligence You can take…


Online GCSE & A-level Maths Tuition

We are a small but effective team that provide after school online tutoring, specialising in GCSE, A-Level Maths Tuition, IB Diploma Programme and Foundation Mathematics.  Two A-Level Maths Divisions  Academy division – Due to higher demand, we run our Edexcel, OCR and AQA courses as an online academy where we follow a strict calendar schedule…

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Top tech jobs you might not consider STEM

Here are a few non-traditional tech job titles to consider: Photography UK Average Salary: £25,916 Graphic Designer UK Average Salary: £29,521 Web Developer UK Average Salary: £39,311 Product Manager UK Average Salary: £56,195 Broadcast Technician UK Average Salary: £43,172 Fashion Data Scientist/Analyst UK Average Salary: £50,585 Business Development UK Average Salary: £39,413 UX Designer UK…

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Developing Students’ Thinking

Critical thinking skills are essential in university studies, For instance, a student can use these skills to constructively question information, arguments, and ideas during his or her studies (Bouygues, 2019). Notably, students with such skills are likely to excel in their studies as university education is not all about accepting all information an individual reads…

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Check your basic tutoring skills?

How effective are your basic tutoring skills? Take our quiz to find out how effective your tutoring skills are. Why do I need coaching skills in tutoring? Coaching can involve any situation where one person supports another in achieving a goal. This can be a personal or professional role. We are all familiar with sports…