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UKiset test practice

The UKiset test is a one-off online assessment, designed to help UK independent schools select international students for entry. It tests the academic abilities of international students, compared with those in the UK of the same age group. UKiset test practice The assessment: Consists of three sections; verbal reasoning subtest; numerical reasoning subtest and abstract…


Working in Information and Data Management

Inspiring answers by Nora Kensington, one of our STEM Ambassadors on her life and working in Information and Data Management. Name and job role Nora Kensington, Manager Information and Data Management What is something about you people might not know? I dropped out of high school. In my teens, I identified as a member of…

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Well-Being and Kids Masks at School

With many children being home schooled, we wanted to make more widely available MIND’s amazing Pupils Well-being at School Resources. Plus to start by repeating the GOvernment’s latest recommendations for the wearing of kids masks. Kids masks will only work for children when used correctly. This means being worn correctly and removed correctly. In addition:…

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Try a new career teaching English online

In these troubled times, why not try a new career teaching English online. Learning how to teach English online The biggest benefits of becoming an online English teacher are by far the flexibility and the downtime. Instead of splashing out on over-priced sandwiches that you wolf down on your brief breaks between classes, you can…

Home Education for 11 plus

Home schooling Montessori

Home learning /Home schooling Montessori are not new concepts. Many parents opt for this even when the schools are open. There are also various approaches to this. Parents that choose to home educate are usually not fond of the term homeschooling. Parents that home educate do so for different reasons. You may in fact elect…

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Working as a Data Scientist – Sidra Bashir

Inspiring answers by Sidra Bashir, one of our Ambassadors on her life and working as a data scientist. 1. Name and job role. Sidra Bashir, Data Scientist at Eagle Alpha  2. What is something about you people might not know? I have been lecturing at 5 different universities. 3. What are your hobbies? Hiking, Swimming and Travelling.…

Great British Intelligence Test

Tutor or Online Learning Platform?

Tutoring is a profession now with its own Association. The Tutors’ Association, which is an open, democratic, not-for-profit, professional body. It: Has a membership of highly qualified professionals. From various fields of academia, teaching and other vocations. Sets standards Holds its members accountable to a code of professional ethics. The best tutors care about their…

GCSE Revision Guide timetable

GCSE Revision Guide – Our Top Ten Tips

Welcome to our GCSE Revision Guide. Although the exam season seems far away, there is never a better time to prepare. In fact, thinking about GCSE exam revision – sooner rather than later – has a marked positive impact on grades. Not only do you have more time to study. You also have the experience to…

Anthea Oon - Head of Solutions at Money Dashboard 

Working as Head of Solutions – Anthea Oon

Inspiring answers by Anthea Oon (DeSyllas), one of the Women in Data Ambassadors on her life and working as Head of Solutions at Money Dashboard. 1. Introduction Anthea Oon – Head of Solutions at Money Dashboard  2. What is something about you people might not know? What are your hobbies?  About 18 months ago I took up kickboxing and…

WID Caroline Carruthers - Partner & Chief Data Officer

Working in a Chief Data Officer job – Caroline Carruthers

Inspiring answers by Caroline Carruthers, one of the Women in Data Ambassadors on her life and working in a Chief Data Officer job. 1. Name and job role.      Caroline Carruthers – Partner & Chief Data Officer – Carruthers and Jackson In 2018, Caroline was named as one of the Top Women in Data & Technology. Prior to founding Carruthers and Jackson, Caroline worked across multiple…