What are CAT4 based Gifted Children Programs?

CAT4 based Gifted Children Programs in the US Gifted children programs or gifted education is a particular set of special theories, procedures, and practices used for those children’s educations that are gifted or talented. In a gifted children program, talented students find peers with a similar intellectual approach. It has been found that gifted students…


Transitioning to Sixth Form activities

Welcome to our Sixth Form A Level activities. Business BTEC transition activities Task 1: This task gives you the opportunity to research a real business. This is something you will need to do regularly throughout the course as you will be required to draw on your knowledge of real business. Choose a large business of…

11 plus exam 2021

How The 11+ Exam 2021 Has Changed

Welcome to our latest 11+ exam 2021 feature, How The 11+ Exam Has Changed This Year. Why You Should Start Preparing Now for the 11+ exam 2021 What is the 11+ exam 2021 The 11+ is an examination used by most grammar schools to admit the brightest students to their institutions. The examination consists of…

11 plus vocabulary tips

Ways to improve your 11 plus vocabulary

Of the 4 subtests on the 11 plus exam, your child’s 11 plus vocabulary is approx 11-14% of the total 11 plus pass mark, which includes 11 plus English. Our 11 plus vocabulary tips Buy a child’s thesaurus Firstly, in addition to a child’s dictionary, it’s essential that you also buy a child’s thesaurus. Practice…


How is virtual burnout measured?

Virtual burnout is a global problem. This is mainly due to the prevalence of remote working. In particular: Increased feelings of isolation during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. Overwork and extended periods of uncertainty and change. Some researchers have refered to the VUCA world phenomenon. Still, virtual burnout is a spectrum. Whilst most…


Do hobbies help wellbeing?

Our wellbeing is made up of lots of different elements. Here is why developing a new hobby should be a prioritised element that nurtures your overall wellbeing. How do hobbies help wellbeing? A new hobby may be tricky to discover. During the lockdown, your ‘previous hobbies’ may no longer have been possible. HEnce you have…

woman working at desk hybrid work skills

Digital Worker Wellness

Welcome to our Digital Worker Wellness feature. New hybrid working models 2021 are becoming increasingly popular for companies coming out of lockdown. We’ve already discussed some of the most common wfh personas. Assessing the prevalence of these is the first step we recommend below for effectively managing distributed virtual teams.   Digital Worker Wellness Our remote worker…


Top secondary schools UK league tables 2021

Welcome to our top Secondary schools UK league tables 2021. Here is an alphabetical list, together with: London secondary school London Borough Short secondary school overview Secondary school contact number so you can enquire for further secondary school admissions details. Secondary school league tables 2021   Bentley Wood High School Harrow Borough of London, 020…

Tutor with young boy 11 plus tutor cost guide

11 Plus Tutor Cost Guide

Welcome to our 11 plus tutor cost guide Our aim is to provide the most cost-effective 11 plus guide to tutoring costs. Our 11 plus advice for parents The best way to prepare for the 11 plus is to believe that your children should be able to pass. Also though, to manage their own 11…


Critical Thinking Skills LNAT Test

Welcome to our Critical Thinking Skills LNAT Test prep. Why not try some LNAT test practice? Critical Thinking Skills LNAT Test prep Legal training institutions apply LNAT alongside other recognized admission guidelines like academic qualifications. LNAT refers to an assessment that universities use to place students in appropriate undergraduate law courses based on .on their…

Change the world written, world changers are the game changers

GCSE grade inflation

Welcome to our GCSE grade inflation feature. We cover all school exam grades: A-Level grades GCSE grades Teachers Inflating Predicted Grades Millions of proposed GCSE and A-levels grades could be downgraded by exam boards this summer because teachers have been too generous in their predictions. The predicted grades in the study were not the final ones submitted by…


STEM Opportunities for Women

Welcome to our STEM Careers / STEM opportunities for women feature. STEM Careers / STEM opportunities for women STEM careersCareer Guide Tag, stem graduate careers Edit You are here at our Best STEM Careers for Women page. STEM careers have been a buzz word in the world of work for a while now. With STEM careers being seen as…


Women in STEM Careers

Inspiring answers by Verity Gill, one of the Women in STEM careers Ambassadors on her life and working as Marketing Science Director for Agencies, EMEA @ Facebook. 1. Name and Job role:  Verity Gill, Marketing Science Director for Agencies, EMEA @Facebook 2. What is something about you people might not know?  My first job was in government…


International Baccalaureate papers

Our focus here is on International Baccalaureate papers. International Baccalaureate papers We hope you find these IB papers useful. English A-level (Edexcel Explorations in Prose & Poetry 6ET01:01).English (Edexcel Interpretations of Prose & Poetry 6ET03:01).A-level English (AQA Victorian Literature LTA1A).English (AQA Reading for Meaning LITA3).   Related Blog Content Why teach English online? Teaching English…


Digital Skills Training

Welcome to our feature on both Digital Skills training. Digital Skills Training These encompass all those problem-solving skills needed to work competently with digital technology. Digital literacy skills are particularly important for recent graduates. Having to adjust suddenly to remote working means that, at a time when meetings are inherently more difficult, we find ourselves…

Maths in letters for maths careers

Maths Jobs / Maths Careers

Maths Careers There is a wide variety of jobs that use Maths / Maths careers. For example, a data and compliance manager performs data tracking and analysis to ensure employees comply with regulations. Therefore, analytical and IT skills are also necessary for this occupation. Aircraft engineers are responsible for maintaining planes to make them ready…


Top tutors wanted to join our list

Welcome to our Tutors Association list of the Best Tutors 2021. Our (Tutors Association) list of the Best Tutors 2021 Join Our Best Tutors 2021 Are you a tutor providing online classes and you are a member of The Tutors’ Association? Why not join our database of qualified and reliable tutors. Sign up HERE and…

Evaluate Your Strategic Thinking

Best grammar schools 2021

Welcome to our Guide to the UK’s best grammar schools 2021. Best grammar schools 2021 The lnks to interactive league tables below show an earlier academic year. Although we hope that it’s still a useful search for parents looking to find out more about those 163 grammar schools listed by the Department for Education. You…

GCSE Revision Guide

Our GCSE Revision Tips

Welcome to our GCSE Revision Tips! GCSE Revision Tips GCSEs, or the General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a particular type of examination conducted in Wales, England, Northern Ireland and elsewhere around the world. These exams are usually taken by 15- and 16-year-old students after studying for two years. They are also used to mark…

Teacher of English as a foreign language in front of class

International Governess Career

Many thanks Shay, currently on an international governess post in Russia, for your contributions to our latest ‘International Governess Career 2021’ post. The return of the Governess is heralded because they can educate children in the comfort of their own homes. Wealthier families have been minimising their own children’s educational disruption. Some even moved to…

teacher burnout


Well-being is defined as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’. The concept is however much more than momentary happiness. Of course, it does include happiness but is also related to the more longterm concepts like: how satisfied people are with their life their sense of purpose how in control they feel The question…

Tutor Training from Myelin Academy

Top tutor training

Welcome to our Top tutor training guest blogpost by Myelin Academia. Myelin Academia tutor training Certified Tutor Status: A new precedence for the tuition industry In what is otherwise an unregulated industry, their Certified Tutor Status provides a benchmark for quality assurance that clients and agencies can trust.  Established in 2019, Myelin Academia set about redefining…

French Leaning Parlez-vous francais

French Language Learning

French has been described as one of the hardest Latin-based languages to learn, especially for English speakers. The most challenging part of French learning seems to be pronunciation. French has sounds that English speakers aren’t used to. This is why French is forever marked as a difficult language to learn. Neither English nor French is…