Evaluate Your Strategic Thinking

Evaluate Your Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking can be a valuable skill, both in business and your personal life. Strategic thinking refers to the ability to think about, assess, evaluate and arrive at decisions about the future. It is, in fact, the way in which you use your thinking and would, therefore, be classified as a critical thinking skill. Leadership…

Tutor Training from Myelin Academy

Tutor training that puts you at the top

Myelin Academia has set a new precedence in the industry as the first tutor training to be recognised by an OFQUAL regulated awarding organisation, Training Qualifications UK. Their Level 3 Award in Applied Tutor Training represents a new entry-level for tutoring. (Make sure to find a wonderful discount code for training with Myelin Academia below.)…

French Leaning Parlez-vous francais

8 Amazing Ways to Improve Your French Learning

French has been described as one of the hardest Latin-based languages to learn, especially for English speakers. The most challenging part of French learning seems to be pronunciation. French has sounds that English speakers aren’t used to. This is why French is forever marked as a difficult language to learn. Neither English nor French is…

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

Tutor Resources

Art Tutor Resources  Art P.R.E.P has one hour art projects targeted at different grades with easy to follow guidance and flexibility with resources Tate Kids has fun quizzes and pointers for artistic exploration, aimed at primary school students Chinese Mandarin Tutor Resources The Chairman’s Bao is great for reading, writing and listening practice and is…

dark hedges best northern Ireland schools 2021

Best schools Northern Ireland league table 2021

Find the best schools Northern Ireland league table 2021 listed below.   Here’s our Best Welsh schools 2021 and also our Top Scottish schools 2021. Then next our Best West Midlands schools 2021 and our good East Anglia schools 2021. And then next are our Best North East schools 2021. Next our Top Schools South East 2021 and top schools East Midlands 2021. Also our Best North…

Welsh coastline for best Welsh schools 2021

Best Welsh schools 2021

Find the best Welsh schools 2021 listed below. No other school has pulled off a transformation on the same scale as Ysgol Y Preseli, our Welsh State Secondary School of the Decade. En route to winning one of our unique awards for this pandemic year, the 800-pupil bilingual school has soared nearly 300 places in…

Illuminated Heriot's School as some of best Scottish Schools 2021

Best Scottish schools 2021

Find the best Scottish schools 2021 listed below. East Renfrewshire breaks new ground in this year’s Parent Power as the first local authority to have all of its secondary schools in our rankings of the top 100 schools in Scotland. Good Scottish schools 2021 Three of its seven schools, southwest of Glasgow – St Ninian’s…

Gothic Church Best West Midlands Schools 2021

Best West Midlands schools 2021

Features of the best West Midlands schools 2021 listed below. King Edward VI School, is Shakespeare’s school in Stratford-upon-Avon, is The Sunday Times State Secondary School of the Decade. It has shown the greatest improvement over the past 10 years. From 93rd place in 2011, it reached 12th place last year. King Edward School in…


Sunday Times school awards 2021

Welcome to our Sunday Times school awards 2021.   Firstly, here’s our Top secondary schools awards 2021.  /  Secondly, our top private schools league tables 2021. Thirdly, prep school league tables 2021.  /  And finally, primary school league tables 2021.   Top State Secondary Schools awards 2021 1 1 Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet Barnet Selective (100%) 45.3 86.2 95.7 1 90.8…

ocean scene for best northeast Schools 2021

Best North East schools 2021

Summary features of the best North East schools 2021 are listed below. Durham is clearly the region’s educational hotspot. It has the fewest schools overall in our state and independent rankings But it still manages to have a small number of the best schools in the country, achieving the highest grades at A-level and GCSE.…

Brighton best southeast Schools 2021

Best Schools South East 2021

Summary features of the best schools south east schools 2021 listed below. 244 high-performing state and independent schools featuring in our rankings, contributes four of our 26 Schools of the Decade. 133 of the 500 top-performing state secondary schools are to be found in the southeast Yet the appetite for independent education is huge, with…

city view best north-west Schools 2021

Best schools North West 2021

Features of the best schools North West 2021 listed below. A strong showing for primary schools in the northwest in this year’s Parent Power rankings. Took 81 / 500 of the Sunday Times places… Made up of 50 state secondary schools and 31 independents from the northwest. So the north west is one of the leading…

Farmstead for best northern Schools 2021

Best Northern Schools 2021

Find a comprehensive list of the Best Northern schools 2021 below. Competition in education is fierce in Yorkshire with a three-way tussle for supremacy between the independent, grammar and comprehensive sectors. Some of the best schools in the country are to be found here — underlined by the award of three Schools of the Decade in…

Beach for Best East Anglian Schools 2021

Best East Anglia schools 2021

Summary features of the Best East Anglia schools 2021 listed below. The digital learning revolution came early to the Stephen Perse Foundation, our East Anglia Independent School of the Decade. Former headteacher Tricia Kelleher, who retired last summer, brought in screens alongside books nearly 10 years ago, posting a series of lessons on iTunes, available…

Bridge over Thames Best London Schools 2021

Best London Schools 2021

Find the list for the Best London schools 2021 below. This year, London represented 86 of the top 500 state secondaries and 65 of the best independent schools. Top of the London Schools Table  St Paul’s Girls’ School has topped the Sunday Times independent school rankings for nine years straight.  Similarly, Barnet’s highly selective boys’…

Buildings for Best East Midlands Schools 2021

Best schools East Midlands 2021

Read more below as to which are the Best Schools East Midlands 2021. Eight of the top 10 state secondary schools in the East Midlands are part of the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools, led by Caistor Grammar School, The Sunday Times East Midlands State Secondary School of the Decade. Over the past 10 years,…

Child playing tennis thumbs up

Cultivating Self-Belief in Your Child

Tennis player turned executive performance coach, Marius Barnard discusses what broader life lessons young players can learn through their participation in sport. How their self-belief can be built through their participation in sport. Coaches, parents and players often overlook character building and individual development when assessing the benefits of sport and what it can teach…


Scottish Schools League Tables – advanced highers

Welcome to our Scottish schools league tables. Top Scottish Private Schools (Advanced Highers League Tables) Firstly, here’s our Top secondary schools awards 2021.  /  Secondly, our top private schools league tables 2021. Thirdly, prep school league tables 2021.  /  And finally, primary school league tables 2021. Here’s our Best Welsh schools 2021 and also our Top Scottish…


Prep school league tables 2021

Welcome to the Sunday Times Prep school league tables 2021.   Here’s our Best Welsh schools 2021 and also our Top Scottish schools 2021. Then next our Best West Midlands schools 2021 and our good East Anglis schools 2021. And then next are our Best North East schools 2021. Next our Top Schools South East 2021 and top schools East Midlands 2021. Also our Best North West…


What do CAT4 results mean for your child?

GL Assessment’s CAT4 results from its CAT4 assessment which is the UK’s most widely used school aptitude test. What do CAT4 results mean for your child? GL Assessment’s CAT4 requires no prior knowledge and so the best CAT4 preparation is to take CAT4 practice tests. CAT4’s Key Features It’s key features are: Availability all year…

Bespoke Education Plans - IEP - Individual Education Plan

Bespoke Education Planning Service

Bespoke Education Planning Service Welcome to our bespoke education planning service. Understanding your family’s needs, aspirations and your child’s skills. Pinpoint your child’s strengths strengths Highlight their education gaps due to their having followed a different curriculum abroad. Be assessed by leading educational experts Discuss those potential school options we recommend Take into account all…


Asking for a private school bursary

What are the key points to remember when asking for a private school bursary? Want to send your child to private school, but don’t have the necessary funds? We give you some top private school bursary tips below. Asking for a private school bursary The cost of private schools continues to increase above the rate…

american school practice exam

American School exams practice

Welcome to our American School Exams practice site. American School Exams and Assessment Test Prep ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) SSAT Upper level 3rd Grade Math Enrichment ITBS / Iowa Tests New York State 3rd Grade Math Test State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness Practice Tests Welcome to our American school exams and American College…

Young boy with jumbling letters. Testing for dyslexia

Testing for dyslexia

Welcome to our testing for dyslexia/dyslexia tests info. Here are some example dyslexia questions – suitable for a child. Are you above-average intelligence, but unable to read at your grade level? Do you struggle with word problems — even though you’re good at maths? After reading a passage, can you summarise it?… Discuss the key…

Girls in data challenge. Woman with data background (1)

Data Challenge For Girls

Girls in Data and Pioneer launched some amazing initiatives over this summer and through the lockdown. They have been working hard at bridging the gap between commercial business problems and education. With a mission of helping girls become aware of the many opportunities in data, they created a platform to not only talk about it…