English Practice

Your understanding will be tested in many different ways, including:

  • Presenting the same information in a different way
  • Identifying the key points
  • Distinguishing between what is portrayed as fact and fiction
  • Inferences
  • Deductions

There are several different questions types that you might encounter in the comprehension test. One question format asks you to identify the particular audience that a passage or extract is aimed at. Go with your instinct. Think about the reading level and tone. Does it sound like school policy to you? Does it read as though it is information for teachers? Is the piece’s reading level accessible to pupils?

Another question format asks you to suggest summary headings. Analyse the main point(s) of the paragraph objectively. It can be helpful, particularly if you are short of time, to focus on the first and last sentences in a paragraph. This is where you are likely to find the topic sentence. In a well-written paragraph, the topic sentence summarises the paragraph’s main point.

For each passage you need to consider both the overall meaning and the detail. To assess the bigger picture, ask yourself questions such as : What is the main message? Who is the intended audience? When reflecting on the passage’s detail ask yourself: What are the facts? What’s the most important information in a passage?

– Comprehension test.
test reading comprehension.

– Summarising the main points that the passage makes.

– Evaluating statement support, contradiction and implication.

– Placing statements based on the passage into set categories.

– Putting sentences about a passage describing sequential events into the correct order.

English practice – Literacy tips

  • Don’t rush to answer questions without referring back to the passage. Even if you think that you know the answer without looking it’s always worth double checking. First check against the question and then against the passage.
  • You need to be one hundred percent happy with your answer. If it isn’t quite what you were looking for then it is probably wrong.

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