We provide School Entrance news as part of our mission at School Entrance Tests to take the anxiety out of school entrance tests for students and parents. We provide a vast collection of free private and grammar school entrance exams and educational resources.

Our School Entrance Tests Ethos

We understand how stressful entrance exams can be and therefore want to level the playing field for those who can’t afford tutors / private education.

Even though we are still very much ‘the new kid on the block’, we not only provide the biggest selection of all types of entrance tests anywhere online (all for FREE), we also create fun and effective 10-minute tests in the form of quizzes.

Through these, we aim to get children to practice exam questions within time restraints. At the same time, they can review the feedback to their answers independently. Not only does this free up parents/tutors, but also give children some responsibility for their own learning. 

Some of our School Entrance Tests Resources

Devon 11 Plus Guide

11 Plus Science Past Papers 

Warwickshire 11 Plus Guide

Enfield prep school entrance exams


Southwark 11 plus guide

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Key Stage 1 SATs

Devon 11 Plus Guide

11 Plus Science Past Papers 

Warwickshire 11 Plus Guide

14+ Independent School Exams

Home tutoring 11 plus exam
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London Independent School Exams
Croydon Private School Entrance Exams
Ealing Private Schools Entrance Exams
Enfield Prep School Exams
Independent London Schools Guide (for each London Borough)

Islington Private Schools Entrance Exams

Independent School – Maths 11 Plus Practice and English 11 Plus Practice

Private School Entrance Exams 10+

Redbridge Private School Entrance
Southwark Private School Entrance
London Prep School Entrance Guide
Private School Exams for the GDST and GSA Consortiums
SATs and CAT4 Practice

Private School Scholarship Exams

Key Stage 2 SATs Practice
11 Plus Exams
CEM 11+ Grammars
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