Firstly find below spelling and grammar tips for making the best out of your assessment.

Spelling and Grammar Tips

Spelling Tips

  • This section of the Professional Skills Test – Literacy test firstly measures your ability to spell correctly.
  • You need to use standard English spellings.
  • Most questions will present you with a sentence. This sentence contains a missing word. Subsequently, insert the correct missing word from the options presented.

Punctuation Tips

  • Your ability to apply effective punctuation may also be assessed. Accurate punctuation is also a key element of written communication. Badly punctuated writing is like a road without road markings – it is therefore all too easy for the reader to get lost and confused.
  • You will be presented with a block of text with missing or incorrect punctuation. You will, therefore, need to highlight each punctuation error and also where missing punctuation should be inserted.
  • This will be done in a computerised format in the actual test. There will be a block of all the possible punctuation marks and the letters of the alphabet on-screen. You will drag the correct punctuation from this block to its position in the passage.

Grammar Tips

  • An essential component of effective written and spoken communication is the use of good grammar is
  • For example, selecting the correct phrase or sentence to insert into a short passage. You will be given a choice of several choices, only one of which is grammatically correct.


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