Maths 13+ exam papers

Firstly, 13+ Maths – Sample Paper 2 (Alleyn’s)

Secondly, Maths – Sample Paper 1 (Alleyn’s) and Maths (Bromsgrove School 2011)
13+Maths (Charterhouse 2004)
13+ Maths (Charterhouse)
13+Maths – Revised (City of London Freemen’s School 2014).
13+ Maths (City of London Freemen’s School 2014)
13+Maths (Colfe’s School)
13+ Maths (Dulwich College Specimen Paper A)
13+Maths (Dulwich College Specimen Paper B)
13+ Maths (Dulwich College Specimen Paper C)
13+Maths (Dulwich College)
13+ Maths (Dulwich College) (2)
13+Maths (Emanuel School)
13+ Maths (Haberdashers’ Aske’s 2015)

Lastly, 13+Maths (Hampton Court House).

Maths 13+ exam papers (continued)

Firstly, 13+ Maths Level 1 Non-Calculator Paper (ISEB January 2015)

Secondly, 13+Maths Level 2 (ISEB January 2015)
13+ Maths Level 3  (ISEB January 2015)
13+Maths Level 1  (ISEB January 2014)
13+ Maths Level 2  (ISEB January 2014)
13+Maths Level 3 r (ISEB November 2014).
13+ Maths Level 3  (ISEB June 2011)
13+Maths Level 3  (ISEB January 2011)
13+ Maths Level 3  (ISEB November 2010)
13+Maths Level 3  (ISEB June 2010)
13+ Maths Level 3  (ISEB January 2010)
13+Maths Paper I  (ISEB February 2006)
13+ Maths Paper 3 Calculator Paper (ISEB February 2006).
13+Maths Calculator Paper (ISEB February 2004)
13+ Maths  (ISEB February 2004)
13+Maths Section A (King’s College School Wimbledon 2017 and  Pre-test 2019)
13+ Maths Section B (King’s College School Wimbledon 2017 and Pre-test 2019)

13+Maths (Merchant Taylors 2017)

Lastly, 13+ Maths (Notting Hill & Ealing High School 2017).

Maths 13+ exam papers (continued)

Firstly, 13+Maths (Oundle School 1 2009)

Secondly, 13+ Maths (Oundle School 1 2010)
13+Maths (Oundle School 2 2008)
13+ Maths (Oundle School 2 2009)
13+Maths (Oundle School 2A 2010)
13+ Maths (Oundle School 2A 2011).
13+Maths (Reigate Grammar School 2010)
13+ Maths (Shrewsbury 2014)
13+Maths (Shrewsbury Sept 2013)
13+ Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2016)
13+Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2014)
13+ Maths (St Edward’s 2013-14)

Lastly, 13+Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2013).

Maths 13+ exam papers (continued)

Firstly, 13+ Maths (St Edward’s 2013)

Secondly, 13+Maths (St Edward’s 2012)
13+ Maths (St Edward’s 2011)
13+Maths (St Edward’s 2010).
13+ Maths (The Perse Upper School 1)
13+Maths (The Perse Upper School 2)
13+ Maths (The Perse Upper School 3)
13+Maths (The Perse Upper School 4)
13+ Maths Non-Calculator Paper (Winchester May 2012)

Lastly, 13+Maths Sample Paper (Whitgift).



Educational News

The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), which represents many of the country’s most expensive independent schools, called out to universities to cut down on their unconditional offers to school leavers. Their call follows that of Sam Gyimah, the higher education minister, who said in July that the rise in unconditional offers “completely irresponsible to students and universities must start taking a lead by limiting the number they offer”. The concerns raised relate to these offers causing the recipients to possibly relax a little too much in their A-level preparation. Those with concerns argue that these regardless of getting a place at a university, the A-level results will be taken into consideration for many years to come.


In most cases, universities make conditional offers to school leavers. These offers are then dependent on A-level results. However, due to competition between universities, there has been a rise in unconditional offers. Specifically with the Russell Group of research-intensive institutions. The Russell Group include Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University of Leeds, Liverpool, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Sheffield, Southampton, University College of London, University of Warwick and the University of York.

Figures from UCAS, the University Applications administrator, show that 7% of the 950 000 offers this year was unconditional.

Ucas said that the unconditional offers were more for older students who already hold qualifications, creative arts students who submit a portfolio or have an audition and for students with mental health problems.[/vc_message]