13-14+ English Private School Tests

English (Shrewsbury 2013)

13-14+ English as an Additional Language (St Edward’s 2016)
English as an Additional Language (St Edward’s 2013)

13-14+ French (Shrewsbury 201


Private school tests 14+

English (City of London Freemen’s School)
14+ English (St Edward’s 2016)
English (St Edward’s 2015)
14+ English (St Edward’s 2013-14)
English (St Edward’s 2012-3)

14+ French (St Edward’s 2013)

German (St Edward’s 2014)

14+ Latin (St Edward’s 2013)

Maths (City of London Freemen’s School 2012)
14+ Maths (St Edward’s 2016)
Maths (St Edward’s 2015)
14+ Maths (St Edward’s 2014)
Maths (St Edward’s 2013)

14+ Maths, English & French (Monmouth School)

Science (City of London Freemen’s School 2014)
14+ Science (St Edward’s 2016)
Science (St Edward’s 2014)
14+ Science (St Edward’s 2013)

Spanish (St Edward’s 2013)

School Entrance Maths Tips

Although you may not finish the test, the best strategy is to answer as many questions as you can in the time available.

  • Before deciding upon your final answer, you may be able to rule out one or two of the multiple choice questions as incorrect.
  • Read each question and review each chart very carefully – taking one chart and its associated questions at a time. Only start looking at the answer options once you have done this.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the units of measurement that each question is referring to.
  • Each question is worth the same so don’t spend too long on a single question. Remember that you may find subsequent questions easier to answer and that if there is time at the end of the test you can return to any unfinished questions.
  • Work efficiently, but do not rush. Although you may not finish the test, the best strategy is to answer as many questions as you can in the time available.
  • Remember to only use the information that is provided in the charts and not any of your own background knowledge.
  • Round up any decimal points and any pence (whilst taking account of any specific instructions provided).

London Private School Entrance

Firstly, Barnet / Secondly, Brent / Thirdly, Camden private schools / Next, City of London / Then, Croydon / Also, Ealing /And Enfield / Plus, Greenwich / Then, Hackney / Also, Hammersmith & Fulham / Plus, Hampstead / Next, Haringey / Also, Harrow / And Havering / Next, Hillingdon / Also, Hounslow / Then, Islington / Plus, Kensington & Chelsea / And Kingston-upon-Thames / Also, Lewisham / Merton / And then Notting Hill / Plus also Redbridge / Then Richmond-upon-Thames / And next Streatham / Also Southwark / Plus Sutton / Next Wandsworth / And then Westminster / Finally Wimbledon.

Private school tests 14+