Welcome to our OLSAT practice tests for a gifted education. Children need to take certain gifted program tests, such as the OLSAT, to get admission to certain gifted children programs.

OLSAT practice tests children reading together

Why use OLSAT practice tests?

On gifted children programs, it is more likely that gifted children will

  • Find peers who have similar pursuits;
  • Fit in better than in general classrooms.
  • Feel better and they comfortable about socialising and thereby making new friends.
  • Have become very popular across America.

Otis-Lenon School Ability Test (OLSAT)

This test is also where different options are given and the correct ones from them need to be selected, which assesses logical skills along with several kinds of oral, non-verbal, figure related, and quantitative questions based on reasoning.  This test comprises two sections namely verbal and non-verbal sections testing pictorial, figural, and quantitative interpretive skills. The verbal and nonverbal sections can be executed separately as per the norms of the school.

The OLSAT tests scholastic achievements like memory, ability to see patterns and relationships, and most importantly their speed of thought. The OLSAT test level also depends on the grade of the student. There is a total of 21 verbal and non-verbal questions that have to be attempted by the students. Several preparatory classes help in preparing the students for these tests.


Welcome to our OLSAT practice tests

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Welcome to our OLSAT practice tests