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  • Firstly, our MAP 2nd Grade Growth Practice and 3rd Grade MAP Growth Practice.
  • Secondly, our 4th Grade MAP Growth Practice and 5th Grade MAP Growth Practice.
  • Finally, our 6th Grade MAP Growth Practice.

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    NWEA MAP test prep

    • MAP is an abbreviation form of Measure of Academic Progress which is a type of computer adaptive test.
    • In the US, around 3 million students take part in this examination throughout their academic years.
    • It simply helps the teachers, parents, and all other administrators to bring improvement in learning for all the students.
    • Helps them to take any such decisions that can promote the academic growth of a child.
    • In school years, many students are lacking because they cannot adopt the learning system for some subjects.
    • Helps them to identify their grey areas. This MAP test was first introduced for the students studying in grades three to five in the year 2005 -2006. Later, it also facilitated for the students of grades one and two.


    NWEA MAP test prep purpose

    The main purpose of taking this MAP test is to assist teachers, parents to identify the strength and weaknesses of a student. This can indicate the areas where a student performed well and also the areas where that particular student needs support.

    It also keeps a track of the acknowledgment a student gotacknowledgement school. It provides a growth chart for every student to measure their academic progress. This type of system of measurement is called the RIT scale or Rasch Unit.

    The use of this scale is to monitor the academic growth of every student. The range of this scale starts from 140 to 190 level in third grade and increases to the range of 240 to 300 by high school.

    When the students join the schools, the first two weeks of their school is dedicated to the MAP testing sessions. All the students can participate in this session. Here, mainly teachers concentrate on the ability of the students to assess reading and solving Mathematics.

    The difficulty level of the questions of this test is based on the student’s capacity to solve. When a student can answer a question correctly then the difficulty level of the next question is increased.

    However, when a student cannot answer a question correctly, then the questions become easier. The time of the test is not fixed. However, it generally takes one to two hours for a student to complete the test.

    Students generally can repeat their tests during the whole year to continuously evaluate their progress and adopt new required learning skills. Though most of the schools arranged this test at the beginning, middle and end of the school years.


    NWEA MAP test prep

    Different MAP test sample questions

    The main format of the test is generally dragged and drop or multiple choice or fill in the blanks. The level of the questions is based on students’ academic qualifications. The areas of this test are – Reading, Language use, Mathematics and in some cases General science. The reading section is dedicated to understanding the capabilities of a student to understand the theories and analysis of a passage. In the section on language use, the skill of grammar and vocabulary is evaluated. In Mathematics, they have to solve arithmetic, algebra, geometry, problem solving based on their age group. And in the science section, questions come from the basics of science.

    In this age of technology, all things are concentrated on the digital medium. People become so busy in their life. The students cannot get the best truck as they cannot understand what the problem is mainly suffering them. Parents cannot spend their quality time with their children. So, it creates a gap between students and educators. In this case, only teachers and schools can help students to get on the right path. This measure of academic progress test helps them to evaluate and the right path for every student.


    Parents Guide to MAP test practice

    Parents need no type of formal degree of education to prepare their child for MAP. They can support their child by organizing various teaching methods that suit their child’s learning process best. They need to consult with the teachers to know about the progress of their child and together can help a child to progress better. At home, they need to give their child a peaceful environment. In addition, students should be provided with new books, magazines to read. These books and magazines help them to learn new words, their meaning and their different uses. Also, magazines like Popular Mechanics, Scientific American can enrich their knowledge of general science. Also, they can arrange some science experiments that can help to boost their child’s enthusiasm over learning. So, a child alone cannot progress towards a beautiful future.


    Teachers Guide to MAP test prep

    Teachers, parents and others help them to move towards the horizon of brightness. Children continue the three processes of achievement: prepare, practice and check. Prepare denotes the continuous assessment of any topic that they learned earlier.

    It helps them to grow a better understanding of what they read. To develop the ability of grammar and vocabulary they can use a variety of reading materials. Also, through writing practice, they can develop the skills of appropriate using of the sentences and grammar.

    Several online platforms avail different practice sets for preparing MAP.

    Parents should give their children access to those practice sets for continuous practice which helps them to improve their confidence. Also, through these tests, they can familiarise themselves with the patterns of questions and their nature. However, not only preparing and practicing is enough.




    GL Assessment’s Progress Test in Maths

    A progress test in mathematics entails assessing two means of learning maths that is using mathematical content and understanding and applying mathematical processes through problem-solving. The test is also essential in improving teacher workload as it has been designed to be easily accessible and straight forward with simple guidelines. It is also an accurate measure of progress and potential of a person, whether in classwork or job recruitment.



    GL Assessment’s Progress Test in Maths is a good indicator of trends in performance in schools. Progress math tests are also a reliable year on year benchmark as it monitors progress performance of students over time. By carrying out the test, it is possible to identify the underperforming section of students and also identify incapable employees in an organization, therefore, acting as a valuable tool in intervention measures. All institution thus ought to consider Progress Tests in Mathematics as that will be able to highlight potentials of different persons in that institution and appropriate steps taken to address any crisis.

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    MAP test prep