Independent / private London prep schools are spread out over London.

London’s independent prep schools

Prep (Preparatory) schools are those that cater for students up to the age of 13 to ‘prepare’ learners for school entrance to the public (expensive and exclusive schools for 13-18-year-olds) and independent secondary schools.

Many of these private schools are members of the Independent Schools Council (ISC). This is a non-profit organisation representing about 80% independent schools in the UK (in 2011).

Independent schools that belong to the ISC are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) according to a framework agreed upon between the various assessment bodies including the DfE and Ofsted.

The best way to search for school options is to have a look at the schools in your borough and work from there. You can then find the Websites for these schools on this page:

London’s Admissions Guide

As each private school manages their own admission procedures, these vary greatly. Most private schools are however academically selective and administer some kind of assessment.

For children, up to 7, a prep school would usually ‘assess’ prospective students through an interview and a taster day at the school. Although prep schools traditionally start at 7/8, a lot of schools now have nurseries and pre-prep. Therefore most London day prep schools have a second entry point at 7+. There are however schools that make use of 7+ formal assessments and others that are non-selective.

The most important consideration when choosing a prep school is the associate secondary school it feeds to. Some schools now incorporate schooling from nursery to Sixth Form. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee a smooth path through the system. Your chosen school will let you know if they think your child is not going to keep up and you might need to look for a place elsewhere.

A – D

Abercorn School Admission

Aberdour School Admission

Abingdon House School Admissions

ACS Cobham International School Admission

Egham International School Admission

ACS Hillingdon International School Admission

Aldro Admissions

Alleyns’s Junior School Admission

Alpha Prep School Admissions

Amesbury Admissions

Arnold House School Admissions

Ashton House School Admissions

Avenue House School

Avon House School

Bancroft’s Prep School Admissions

Banstead Admissions

Barfield School Admissions

Barrow Hills School Admissions

Bassett House School Admissions

Beehive Prep School Admissions

Belmont Admissions

Bishopsgate School Admissions

Blackheath High School Admissions and Blackheath Prep School Admissions

Broomfield House School

Broomwood Hall School

Buckingham Prep School Admissions

Bute House Prep School Admissions

Buxlow Prep School Admissions

Cameron House Admissions

Caterham Prep School Admissions

Channing Junior School Admissions

Chinthurst Admissions

City of London Freemen’s School Admissions

Cty of London School for Girls Prep Admission

Claremont Fan Court School

Colfe’s School Admissions

Collingwood School Admissions

Coworth Flexlands Admissions

Cranleigh School Admissions

Cranmore School Admissions

Croydon High School Junior Admissions

Cumnor House School Admissions

Danesfield Manor School Admissions

Devonshire House Prep Admissions

Dolphin School Admissions

Downsend Prep School Admissions

Duke of Kent School Admissions

Dulwich Prep Admissions

Durston House Admissions

E – L

Eaton House The Manor and Eaton Square School Admissions

Edgeborough School Admissions

Elmhurst School For Boys Admissions

Essendene Lodge School Admissions

Ewell Castle School Admissions

Fairley House School Admissions

Falkner House Admissions

Feltonfleet School Admissions

Finton House School Admissions

Francis Holland Junior  School Admissions

Frensham Heights Admissions

Garden House Admissions

Glendower Prep School Admissions

Grange Park Prep School Admissions

Greenfield Admissions

Guildford High School Admissions


Hall Grove Admissions and Hall School Admissions

Halstead Prep School for Girls

Hampshire School Admissions

Hampton Court House Admissions and Hampton Prep School Admissions

Harvington Prep School Admissions

Hawkesdown House Admissions

Hawley Hurst Admissions

Hazelwood School Admissions

Heath House Prep School Admissions

Heathfield House School Admissions

Hereward House School Admissions

Highgate School Admissions

Hoe Bridge School Admissions

Holy Cross Prep School Admissions

Homefield Preparatory School Admissions

Hornsby House School Admissions

Hurlingham School Admissions

Hyde Park School Admissions

Ibstock Place Prep School Admissions

James Allen’s Girls School Admissions

Keble School Admissions

Kensington Prep School Admissions

Kew College Admissions and Kew Green Prep School Admissions

King’s College School Admissions and King’s House School Admissions

Kingswood House Admissions

Laleham Lea School Admissions

Lanesborough School

Latymer Prep School

Lingfield School Admissions

London Christian School Admissions

Longacre School Admissions

Lyndhurst House School Admissions

M – R

Manor House School Bookham Admissions

Maple Walk School Admissions

Merton Court Prep School Admissions

Micklefield School Admissions

Milbourne Lodge Admissions

Moon Hall School Dorking Admissions and Moon Hall School Reigate Admissions

More House School Farnham Admissions


Past School Test Papers

11+ Past Papers and 11+ Practice Sites.

School Entrance Exams 7+ and School Entrance Exams 8+.

Entrance Exams 9+ and School Entrance Exams 11+.

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