Looking for your top grammar schools 2022?  Luckily, here’s our guide to the UK’s best grammar schools 2022.


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Best grammar schools 2022

The lnks to interactive league tables below show an earlier academic year. Although we hope that it’s still a useful search for parents looking to find out more about those 163 grammar schools listed by the Department for Education.


  • 1 Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet
    2 The Henrietta Barnett School, Hampstead
    3 Wilson’s School, Wallington
    4 The Tiffin Girls’ School, Kingston upon Thames
    5 St Olave’s Grammar School, Orpington
    6 The Latymer School, Edmonton
    7 St Michael’s RC Grammar School, Finchley
    8 Tiffin School, Kingston upon Thames
    9 Nonsuch High School for Girls, Cheam
    10 Sutton Grammar School
    11 Wallington High School for Girls
    12 Woodford County High School
    13 Wallington County Grammar School
    14= The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
    14= JFS, Harrow
    16 Camden School for Girls
    17 Hasmonean High School for Boys, Hendon
    18 Townley Grammar School, Bexleyheath
    19 Hasmonean High School for Gilrs, Mill Hill
    20 The London Oratory School, Fulham
    21 Waldegrave School, Twickenham
    22 Ilford County High School
    23 Bexley Grammar School, Welling
    24 Twyford C of E High School, Acton
    25= Fortismere School, Muswell Hill
    25= Lady Margaret School
    27 JCoSS (Jewish Community Secondary School), New Barnet
    28 The Charter School, Herne Hill
    29 The St Marylebone C of E School
    30 The Grey Coat Hospital, Westminster

Search for your school or town to find out where it ranks

While scores of grammar schools managed to get all of their students achieving over five top GCSES, only 14 managed to gain a Progress 8 measure greater than one.

The Progress 8 measure aims to capture the progress a pupil makes from the end of primary school to the end of key stage 4.

Best grammar schools 2022

A score of zero means that pupils on average do as well at key stage 4 as other pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 2.

There’s now grades one to nine, rather than from A* to G. Anything above a seven being level to anything above an A in the old system.

Best grammar school 2022 places

Finding a good school place for your child can be a stressful experience. Parents often having to perform a balancing act between a school’s performance and the probability of their child getting a place.

But new research from The Telegraph has revealed that, of the schools ranked as Outstanding in the country, there are still 918  primary schools and 104 secondary schools that were under-subscribed in 2019.


Best grammar schools 2022

How to interpret top grammar school league tables

First thing you need to know is your local catchment area? And then establish which schools are within that catchment area.


bookBUY 11+ exam papers


bookFREE 11 plus (Private) materials


What’s your grammar schools catchment area?… Checked your local grammar schools’ Ofted reports?

  • Newspaper websites allow you to add filters to their published league tables. You can pull out those grammar schools in your grammar schools catchment area. Then compare your chosen school group on those criteria which are most important to you.
  • The primary school league table rankings are based on national key standards, called the SATs. Non-exam based criteria are also used to determine the rankings.
  • You need to also review all the relevant Ofsted school reports for each of your local grammar schools.
  • Each Ofsted report is an analysis of that school’s teachers’ professional competence  Plus, whether Ofsted’s performance standards have been met across the school. There are three possible outcomes: under-achieving; achieving; or outstanding.
  • You then can access each local grammar school’s history of Ofsted inspections and their associated scores, percentage of Progress 8 success, etc.
  • More refined searches are recommended. So, for grammar schools, we advise checking GCSE results…
  • Then compare these against the national standards for GCSE results. Which of those grammar schools you are checking exceeded these national averages?

Probably all of your local grammar schools…

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When are my local grammar school open days?

So now you need to visit each grammar school. With your child in tow!

Then decide which grammar school atmosphere and ethos is the good fit for your child.


Top Grammar schools by GCSE results

Two schools are joint first in our top grammar schools 2021 table below (by GCSE results):

RankSchoolPupils achieving 5+ A*-C/ 9-4sProgress 8Pupils
1Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet, EN5 4DQ1001.221235
1Colchester County High School for Girls, CO3 3US1001.22934
3Nonsuch High School for Girls, SM3 8AB1001.211339
3Beaconsfield High School, HP9 1RR1001.211117
5Kendrick School, RG1 5BN1001.18746
6Dr Challoner’s High School, HP7 9QB1001.141181
7Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, WA14 2NL1001.121327
7Stroud High School, GL5 4HF1001.12968
9The Henrietta Barnett School, NW11 7BN1001.1775
9King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford, CM1 3SX

Top Grammar Schools 2021 part 2



11Wallington High School for Girls, SM6 0PH1001.041454
12Wilson’s School, SM6 9JW1001.031197
13Colyton Grammar School, EX24 6HN1001.01870
14St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School, N12 7NJ1001726
15Ripon Grammar School, HG4 2DG1000.98933
15Aylesbury High School, HP21 7SX1000.981303
15Reading School, RG1 5LW1000.98986
18King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, B14 7QJ1000.971055
19Invicta Grammar School, ME14 5DS1000.961409
20Chesham Grammar School, HP5 1BA1000.941242
21Dartford Grammar School, DA1 2HW1000.931483
22Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, WA14 2RS1000.91274
23Westcliff High School for Girls, SS0 0BS1000.861228
24Tonbridge Grammar School, TN9 2JR1000.841166
24Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, CV37 9HA1000.84810
26Townley Grammar School, DA6 7AB1000.831544
27Loreto Grammar School, WA14 4AH1000.811044
28High School for Girls, GL1 3JN1000.78884

The Latymer School, N9 9TN

30Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, SL7 2BR1000.741080
31King Edward VI Handsworth School, B21 9AR1000.711049
31Southend High School for Girls, SS2 4UZ1000.711130
33Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar Alford – A Selective Academy, LN13 9HY1000.67554
34Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, WV6 0BY1000.66892
35Colchester Royal Grammar School, CO3 3ND1000.62931
36Caistor Grammar School, LN7 6QJ1000.6686
37Calday Grange Grammar School, CH48 8GG1000.591398
38Newport Girls’ High School Academy, TF10 7HL1000.57573
39Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, B73 5PT1000.561108
39Devonport High School for Girls, PL2 3DL1000.56821
41King Edward VI School, CV37 6BE1000.55726
42Bournemouth School for Girls, BH8 9UJ1000.521135
43King Edward VI Five Ways School, B32 4BT1000.481272
44Ermysted’s Grammar School, BD23 1PL1000.46830
45Gravesend Grammar School, DA12 2PR1000.451223
46Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School, SP1 2ED1000.41946
47Cranbrook School, TN17 3JD99NA744
48The Tiffin Girls’ School, KT2 5PL991.191113

Woodford County High School, IG8 9LA

50Weald of Kent Grammar School, TN9 2JP991.011426
51Upton Court Grammar School, SL3 7PR990.99997
52Tiffin School, KT2 6RL990.981212
52Highworth Grammar School, TN24 8UD990.981455
54Langley Grammar School, SL3 7QS990.961098
55Newstead Wood School, BR6 9SA990.931067
55St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School, BR6 9SH990.931068
55Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School, TN4 9UJ990.931033
58Westcliff High School for Boys Academy, SS0 0BP990.921156
59Aylesbury Grammar School, HP21 7RP990.911295
60Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, HP6 5HA990.851350
61Torquay Girls Grammar School, TQ2 7DY990.84937
61Chelmsford County High School for Girls, CM1 1RW990.84925
63Sutton Grammar School, SM1 4AS990.83937
64Wallington County Grammar School, SM6 7PH990.81095
65Ilford County High School, IG6 2JB990.781018
65Torquay Boys’ Grammar School, TQ2 7EL990.781088
67Wycombe High School, HP11 1TB990.761303
68West Kirby Grammar School, CH48 5DP990.731206
68Southend High School for Boys, SS0 0RG990.731241

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, B14 7QJ

70The Blue Coat School, L15 9EE990.711050
72Rugby High School, CV22 7RE990.7843
73The Judd School, TN9 2PN990.641152
74Chatham Grammar School for Girls, ME5 7EH990.6699
75Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, ME16 0SF990.591200
76The King’s School, Grantham, NG31 6RP990.571142
77Marling School, GL5 4HE990.56969
78Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, HP21 8PE990.541230
79Saint Ambrose College, WA15 0HE990.511004
80Heckmondwike Grammar School, WF16 0AH990.51466
80Churston Ferrers Grammar School Academy, TQ5 0LN990.51012
82Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School, ME1 3EL990.491294
83South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, SP1 3JJ990.481040
84Burnham Grammar School, SL1 7HG990.451084
85Sale Grammar School, M33 3NH990.431290
86Parkstone Grammar School, BH17 7EP990.421227
87The Crossley Heath School, HX3 0HG990.411133
87Fort Pitt Grammar School, ME4 6TJ990.41816
89Lawrence Sheriff School, CV21 3AG990.4895

Royal Latin School, MK18 1AX

91The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, HP13 6QT990.231364
92Bexley Grammar School, DA16 2BL990.211416
93Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, BB4 7BJ990.131264
94Devonport High School for Boys, PL1 5QP990.071207
95The North Halifax Grammar School, HX2 9SU99-0.061148
96Pate’s Grammar School, GL51 0HG980.851081
97Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School, LA1 1SF980.84893
98Wirral Grammar School for Girls, CH63 3AF980.771184
99Dartford Grammar School for Girls, DA1 2NT980.741147
100Stretford Grammar School, M32 8JB980.68821
100The Skinners’ School, TN4 9PG980.681021
102The Crypt School, GL2 5AE980.66950
103Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, BB7 2DJ980.621290
104Bournemouth School, BH8 9PY980.591022
104Sir Thomas Rich’s School, GL2 0LF980.591008
104Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, NG31 9AU980.591214
107Queen Mary’s Grammar School, WS1 2PG980.551011
108Herschel Grammar School, SL1 3BW980.54956
109Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, B74 2NH980.531118

Ribston Hall High School, GL1 5LE

111Queen Mary’s High School, WS4 2AE980.5756
111Highsted Grammar School, ME10 4PT980.5827
113Haberdashers’ Adams, TF10 7BD980.48907
114Poole Grammar School, BH17 9JU980.451190
114Dover Grammar School for Girls, CT16 2PZ980.45881
116Skipton Girls’ High School, BD23 1QL980.42858
117Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, DA15 9AG980.391379
118Alcester Grammar School, B49 5ED980.341206
119St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School, SL3 7AF980.33806
120Urmston Grammar Academy, M41 5UG980.191035
121The Rochester Grammar School, ME1 3BY970.631227
122Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, TN4 9XB970.391276
123Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend, DA11 0JE970.331057
124Wilmington Grammar School for Girls, DA2 7BB970.22928
125Wirral Grammar School for Boys, CH63 3AQ970.141059
125Barton Court Grammar School, CT1 1PH970.14913
125Lancaster Royal Grammar School, LA1 3EF970.141042
128King Edward VI Aston School, B6 6DJ970.02876

Spalding High School, PE11 2PJ

130Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, DA2 7DA960.37965
131Rainham Mark Grammar School, ME8 7AJ960.361355
132King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, B21 9ET960.331016
133John Hampden Grammar School, HP11 1SZ960.31048
134Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith, CA11 7EG960.27873
135The Queen Elizabeth’s High School, Gainsborough, DN21 2ST960.251231
136Beths Grammar School, DA5 1NE96-0.011410
137Maidstone Grammar School, ME15 7BT96-0.121273
138Upton Hall School FCJ, CH49 6LJ950.88974
139Bourne Grammar School, PE10 9JE950.671507
140The Folkestone School for Girls, CT20 3RB950.431139
141Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School, CT1 3EW950.391113
142Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle, LN9 5AD950.22791
143Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy, NG34 7RS950.19733
144Oakwood Park Grammar School, ME16 8AH950.171076
145The Norton Knatchbull School, TN24 0QJ950.161173
146Carre’s Grammar School, NG34 7DD950.09798
147Plymouth High School for Girls, PL4 6HT950.08790
148Dane Court Grammar School, CT10 2RT9501255
149Borden Grammar School, ME10 4DB95-0.03837

Skegness Grammar School, PE25 2QS

151Spalding Grammar School, PE11 2XH940.3890
152Sir Roger Manwood’s School, CT13 9JX940.041032
153Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, CT11 7PS94-0.021470
154Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, ME13 7BQ94-0.32981
155Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, CT4 7AS94-0.51147
156Holcombe Grammar School, ME4 6JB930.17843
157King Edward VI Grammar School, LN11 9LL930.08824
158The Harvey Grammar School, CT19 5JY93-0.05964
159Boston High School, PE21 9PF920.33782
160St Anselm’s College, CH43 1UQ910.26880
161St Joseph’s College, ST4 5NT900.241116
162Dover Grammar School for Boys, CT17 0DQ90-0.17795
163The Boston Grammar School, PE21 6JY86-0.27671


  • 100 per cent rates of students getting five A*-C/4-9 grades in the 2017-18 academic year was achieved by two UK schools: Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet and Colchester County High School for Girls both achieved.
  • Pupils at both Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet and Colchester County High School for Girls made considerable progress compared to similar ability level students at other UK schools; achieving Progress 8 scores of 1.22.
  • In comparison with fourteen other UK grammar schools who got >five top GCSES, with a Progress 8 score > 1. In other words above that of comparable ability level students at other UK schools.
  • 44 other UK grammar schools also achieved 100 per cent rates of students getting five A*-C/4-9 grades in the 2017-18 academic year.

What is the Progress 8 score?

  • It measures pupil progress between primary school to the end of key stage 4.
  • Attainment 8 score is compared with the average Attainment 8 scores of all pupils nationally who had a similar starting point.
  • Any positive score shows progress above comparable students in terms of ability level.

When is 11 plus results day?

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Secondly, we also published an 11 plus 2021 feautre called What has changed about the 11 plus 2021?

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