Armed Forces Careers

Read more about different careers within the Armed Forces.

Including the Army, Navy and Airforce. Here you will also find practice tests and general advice on how you will be able to enter these careers.

Jobs in Art and Design

Jobs that Use Art and Design

Art and Design provide a wide variety of career opportunities. For example, photography, prosthetic makeup artist, fashion designer etc. Learn more by clicking below.

Jobs that use Business

Many jobs require business knowledge. 

Read more here.

Computing and ICT

Jobs that use Computers & ICT

Recent advancements in information technology have given rise to several jobs in this sector. Many young people are currently making careers in the gaming industry.

Jobs in Design & Tech

Design & Tech

The field of design and technology offer several career opportunities. These can include web design, electircal engineering and other fields within this group of subjects.

English & Drama

English & Drama

For certain types of careers, proficiency and interest in the English language and communication skills are a must. 

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Individuals interested in food and nutrition can find a perfect opportunity to grow in various career options the field offers. See more on these options by clicking below.

Jobs in Geography


Geography provides impressive careers for individuals interested in studying the environment. This can range from ecology, conservation to seismology.



Maths is useful in almost all careers, but some professions rely heavily on Maths. Careers like an actuary, accountant and estimator would be the most obvious. 

Media Studies

Media Studies

Media Studies provide several career opportunities for individuals who have a passion in this field. A music photographer, film producer, actor or social media manager would be included. 

Jobs in Music

Jobs that use Music

Many individuals are making a living in the music industry. Music festivals create several jobs for artists and behind-the-scenes workers such as sound engineers and producers. 



Individuals who love PE can turn their passion into suitable career, such as karate instructor, sports coach, physiotherapist. Anything related to physical education at schools or privately.

Jobs in Science

Jobs that use Science

Science provides a vast range of jobs for graduates in various fields. Medical professions, such as prosthetist, gp’s, specialists and researchers are only some.

Jobs in STEM

STEM careers refer to jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. For an overview on these and becoming qualified in one of these careers listed, follow the link.

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