Welcome to our feature on How to run a hybrid team meeting.

  1. Instal monitors into your conference room can be helpful in displaying those who are remote so it feels like they are in the room with you.
  2. Always keep someone on standby who is tech savvy. Then that individual can step in and solve any tech-related issues without jeopardising the call itself. Ideally, there would be someone on both ends of the hybrid team meeting….
  3. The alternative to this being having each of your tream trained on how to troubleshoot the most likely tech issues to arise.
  4. Don’t forget that any hybrid team meeting is also the ideal opportunity to share info across the team. We advise aiming to share as much as possible. Even if this is just to pormote inclusion, and that no member of the hybrid team is being forgotten.

How to run a hybrid team meeting

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