I was successful in home tutoring 11 plus exams for my eldest daughter. In fact it was one of the reasons why I set-up the site SchoolEntranceTests.com to guide and assist other parents.

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Top 11 plus preparation

You need to prioritise these 11 plus preparation actions for your child:

  • Famiiarizing themselves with the types of questions that could be asked
  • Understanding each exam section format.
  • Using 11 plus practice papers to improve their performance under exam conditions.

Home tutoring 11 plus exam

There are the logistical issues to for your to check: the location and date for the 11 plus exam. As important is to check the 11 plus paper formats that are used in your region and for your specific grammar school application.

Always remember, there is not a one size fits all solution! However, generally speaking, we advise no more than 12 months of tuition for the Eleven Plus. So, starting at the beginning of Year 5 is probably a good time. At the very latest, January of Year 5 for exams taking place in September of Year 6.

Taking it to the next 11+ exam level!

Amount of tutoring needed

Once again there is no precise answer about how much is the right amount. During term time, most tutors will hold a weekly session of between 60 to 90 minutes with additional homework set each week. In the holidays the tutor may also recommend extra sessions. This is especially important in the summer period leading up to the 11 Plus exams in Autumn.

Home tutoring 11 plus exam

This section is for those for fancy a change and wants to practice a different type (and difficulty) of test. For example the 11+ exam. There are a wide variety of different practice test formats and difficulties shown below.

11+ Exams

You can find the relevant 11 plus past papers by clicking on the link below. There are also school entrance 11 plus past papers available, including all the premier London-based private schools.

11+ Exams and 11+ Practice Sites.

How to do well on 11 Plus Maths papers

The general advice given is typical that some focussed test practice will improve your score. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick wins for being good at Maths.

  • Give your “first response”. Don’t second guess what is being looked for since “faking” and lying are easily picked up.
  • As a timed test, you need to average around one minute per question. Work briskly but accurately.
  • Each question counts the same so pick off the easy ones first and don’t waste your test time on the most difficult questions.
  • Practise some of the most common numerical test types at the main test publisher websites. For this reason alone, we strongly advise practising sample questions from Kenexa-IBM, TalentQ and SHL sites. ensure that you are comfortable using data tables, interpreting graphs and manipulating large financial figures.

How to do well on 11 Plus verbal reasoning papers

The 11 plus comprehension format has a short text passage followed by a series of questions about

  • Facts
  • Opinions
  • Conclusions from the passage content.

Our 11 plus verbal reasoning test tips are to:

  • To carefully read each question. Often questions hinge on 1-2 keywords so you must take more care to interpret these accurately.
  • If questioned whether something “always” applies whilst the passage states that it is “sometimes” the case, then this is a false interpretation.
  • One useful strategy is to scan the passage initially, then to read it in more detail.
  • It’s more efficient as you answer each question if you can recall roughly where to find the answer in the passage.


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Home tutoring 11 plus exam