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GMAT admissions test

The GMAT is taken by graduate managerial school applicants. It assesses the candidates’ reasoning in brief passages or statements.

Other factors, such as undergraduate grades, interviews and recommendation letters also form part of the graduate managerial school assessment.

The relative importance of the GMAT score within these multiple criteria depends upon the individual institution.


We advise:

  • Practice as many realistic GMAT questions as you can. This helps you to develop the most effective GMAT strategies for you personally.
  • Selecting the best possible answer since there may be more than one possible answer.
  • Looking for any answer option that is clearly wrong because it is incompatible… then eliminating it.
  • Even if you then need to guess, doing the elimination exercise detailed above will have increased the likelihood of your guess being correct.
  • Noting that there is a small score deduction for every wrong answer given. However no marks are deducted if ta question is left blank.

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GMAT test tips

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