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Firstly we will have a look at ways to improve verbal reasoning and the effect of EAL on assessment.


Hi, I have a question about the allocation of marks within the test. I am currently working with an EAL boy, who has very strong results in non-verbal reasoning and maths. However, his limited English is impacting on the standards he is achieving in comprehension and verbal reasoning. He is currently scoring close to 100% in the one aspect and only around 50% in the verbal. Is any consideration of this made when looking at scores? His parents are concerned that he will be able to achieve the desired standard at this point.


I recommend contacting the school/s where they are interested in applying to and ask what their policies on this are. I would also try and find out if the pupil can do a verbal reasoning assessment in their own language to provide a more accurate/relevant picture of the child’s potential.

The problem is that the pupil will be entering a system where English is the language of tuition. Therefore the assessment is not necessarily aimed at looking at the child’s innate potential (which would in any case not really be assessed in a practised format test), but rather the child’s potential of academic success within that school or system. Which sadly would be English based.
The best advice for improving (English) verbal reasoning is to speak and read In English. Even watching English movies will help. Word games like Scrabble or websites like www.lumosity.com with different kinds of games for practice.

Practice as much as possible, this could be a good site for that https://www.educationquizzes.com/11-plus/verbal-reasoning/

For some further advice and practice papers:

Verbal Reasoning Papers

Verbal Reasoning Test Tips

Free Aptitude Test Practice

Additional school entrance info

Our Top Numeracy TipsPassing Verbal Reasoning book / Our Spelling and Grammar TipsTop London Grammar schoolsLondon Independent schools guideOur Ten-Minute Maths Tests / Numeracy Test Practice Books / Top 11 Plus Tips /  Our 11 Plus English Practice.

Firstly, we answer questions relating to the UK Education and School System. Specifically relating to people moving to the UK.


First of all, thank you very much for the informative article.  I would be moving to London very soon and my son would have to join year 9. Test papers above show 11+, are those the ones he should practice? I am still researching about the UK education system, and evidently, am a bit confused. 


In Year 9 children would usually be 13. Therefore you should look at exam papers for 12+, 13+ and 14+ as per this page on our website.
12+ Exams to 14 Plus Exams
The test papers to look at would however depend on which school you are wishing to apply for. Different schools use different combinations of entry exams, usually GL or CEM, as explained on this page:

11 plus exam board differences

Another question would be what kind of school you are wishing to join.
You would have a choice between
  1. State schools (no entrance exams and regulated by Ofsted, so different rankings)
  2. Private Schools (school entrance exams and regulated by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and can be pricey)
  3. Grammar Schools (state secondary schools that select their pupils by means of an examination).
You will find the following pages and posts answer some of your questions:

Firstly, we answer questions relating to requests for or about specific assessments or test papers.


Thank you for your email.  If you do, I would like to purchase for the following sixth form entrance papers for the 4 subjects: physics, chemistry, biology and Maths.
1. Westminster sixth form 2009 to 2018
2. St Paul’s Girls’ from 2010 to 2018
3. City Girls 2014 to 2018
4. Cheltenham Ladies 2014 to 2018
5. Any past interview questions for Highgate? It is because they don’t require any entrance exams for 6th form application.


I have been looking where I could for these papers. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any 16+ Papers available for these schools.
It seems like these schools set up their own papers for these exams and don’t make their past papers available.
Please find information for Westminster school below.


Chemistry –

The entrance examination is designed to test understanding of basic principles rather than factual knowledge. Whilst some knowledge is, of course, desirable, the potential of the candidate to study Chemistry at a higher level is what we wish to assess. The exam paper will be based on core material and ideas that are covered in all types of the GCSE course. There is a choice of questions, allowing all candidates the opportunity to answer the areas of the subject with which they feel most confident. Candidates will be expected to think on their feet and apply their understanding to unfamiliar situations. As such, no special reading is necessary

Physics –

Entrance examination The entrance examination consists of short answer questions that are designed to test some basic knowledge and recall, but more to test a candidate’s ability to learn an idea and run with it quickly. Extensive revision is not required and would be of no help. The exam is not based on any particular GCSE (or IGCSE) course, and as such, no particular knowledge is assumed beyond Key Stage 3 (i.e. Year 9).

Essentially the exam will combine a variety of questions, some in which pupils are expected to perform calculations – for example, a question might require a candidate to calculate the acceleration of a rocket of a certain mass with a certain combination of forces on it. Other questions may introduce an area of physics, they haven’t seen before and ask them to think critically about it – for example, a question might give some information about a recent experiment they won’t have come across, perhaps at CERN or NASA etc., and the candidate will have to demonstrate that they can analyse what the data is showing.

Biology –

The examination is not based on any particular GCSE (or IGCSE) course and, as such, no particular knowledge is assumed beyond Key Stage 3 (Year 9). It is designed to assess a pupil’s potential to study the subject at A-level. They should expect to interpret and discuss graphs and diagrams, communicate key principles in the subject and apply their knowledge to unfamiliar situations. For example, questions could be set about gas exchange in insects (rather than the physiology of human gas exchange taught at KS3). In which case, no existing knowledge of insects would be assumed, but an understanding of the underlying key principles would be required.

Maths –

The entrance examination in Mathematics will involve only arithmetic, algebra and geometry that pupils of any educational background are likely to have studied by the end of year 10, but the problems set will not necessarily be routine or familiar: they are designed to test understanding rather than rote learning. There is no separate examination for Further Mathematics candidates.

English – Pupils wishing to study English at Westminster in the Sixth Form will sit a one-hour entrance paper in which they will answer one essay question. The question will ask them to respond to a piece of unseen literature. Pupils should not worry about the use of specialised knowledge or terms in answering this question.

The aim of the exam is to assess a pupil’s intuition, accuracy and originality, rather than to test what they have learned in their English lessons at their current school. The best preparation for the exam is to read widely and carefully in literature and strive to work as hard as possible in their existing GCSE literary studies.

You can find out more about the Westminster 16+ Entry from the 2020 Westminster Course Brochure


My son is preparing for Harrow entrance examination in September. He is currently in Y6 and preparing for the place of harrow college13+ in 2021. Do you have any exam papers from Harrow School?


For the13+ entry, he would have to do the ISEB Pretest in Year 6. This is an online test covering Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning. The transparency on these is purposefully very little. Therefore there are no past papers available sadly.
You might find our Ten Minute Tests however quite handy.
This is from the ISEB site:
No special preparation is required for the Common Pre-Tests, which are designed to identify potential as well as attainment. Practice tests are not available. Examples and practice questions, where relevant, are provided during the tests so that candidates understand what they have to do. Each question is answered by choosing an answer from a selection shown on the screen. Each question must be answered and candidates cannot go back to previous questions. While taking the tests, candidates are able to track their progress within the test (number of questions answered in relation to the overall number of questions).


My son’s school doesn’t do CAT tests and I am not content with the way they are handling his education. How can I get a CAT test done for him?


Could you elaborate as to why you would want to request a CAT? Is it that you would like to assess his potential or that you would like the school to take note of these results?
If you are worried about your’s son’s education, I would suggest that you contact an educational psychologist or see if your council has provision for assessment.
CAT assessments are done by schools as teachers use the results. However, an educational psychologist would be able to do various other assessments that might provide you with the insights you need.
Here is some more information on the CAT and CAT practice tips from our blogs.


I would like year 6 entrance exam papers for Roadean school.


Roedean set their own school entrance exams, delivered on a rolling basis throughout the year. Entrants can also sit the ISEB papers in January. Although no specific past papers are available they are likely to be asking for a Level 5 on the National Curriculum on this level.
You will, however, find some ISEB papers on this page of our website. I hope this helps. https://www.schoolentrancetests.com/private-schools/schoolentrance-exam-11/


Could you please send me a year six school entrance exams sample


Thank you for your school entrance test enquiry on www.schoolentrancetest.com.
Here are links to some of our pages that could help with your search.
You might also find our  Index page and Search function of use to find exactly what you are looking for. 


I want to assess the grade 8 assessment


Thank you for your enquiry on our website.

We focus on school entrance tests for private and grammar schools in the UK.
I assume you are referring to Grade 8 in South Africa?
Any of our 11+ exam papers examples will be relevant for that age group.
You might find our Ten Minute Maths quiz and SAT 2019 Practice test very helpful and relevant.

As the schooling systems are so different I don’t have access to specifically a Grade 8 assessment.
Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


I want to know if possible, the price of 7th-grade students. my child had an exam. He passed the written exam and failed at last in the interview.


We focus on school entrance exams for private and grammar schools in the UK.
We provide practice exam papers, school entrance information and career resources. All our exam papers are free.
You might also find this blog relating to the school interview very interesting.
Don’t forget to try our Ten Minute Maths quiz and SAT 2019 Practice test.
Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


I have been on your website for 11 plus papers and materials. So impressed and amazed to see the resources at one place.

I have downloaded a maths practice paper for my twin boys. I’m wondering whether the mark scheme is available for the past papers or not. I am willing to pay for the access too.


Thank you very much for your email and great feedback.
Unfortunately, there are not too many mark schemes available for these papers, currently.
However, below I have attached what we do have available in Maths.

11+Maths (ISEB 2016)

11+ Maths Mark Scheme (ISEB 2016)

You might also find this helpful: 10+ 11+12+ Maths Sample Questions Syllabus (Whitgift)

Depending on which school your boys are looking to enter? Schools use different exam boards (usually GL or CEM).

To bridge this problem we have in fact just started an 11Plus Math Practice Quiz series. For £3.50 (introductory offer) you will have access to this quiz for a week / or 10 attempts. I would recommend it’s done with a piece of paper and pencil at hand. Also, make sure they do the quiz in one sitting at a time.

The time limit on this first one is very generous at 20 minutes for 15 questions. This will decrease in future quizzes.

I would love to hear your feedback and please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help further.


How can I get the answers to these papers? It’s great that you have lots of sample papers. But was looking for the answers papers as well. So that when the child finishes the tests. I can check them straight away.


This Ten Minute Maths test might help you. The questions used every time are random and will differ from quiz to quiz.
They are based on the 11Plus curriculum and new questions are added weekly. With the quiz, there are 15 questions in 10 minutes. At the end of the quiz, you will be presented with all the correct answers.
In the meantime, I will have a look to see which Math papers we have with answer sheets.


I am very much interested in the following:

Free 11 Plus Test Papers – English Exams

11+ English Multiple Choice 1.
English Multiple Choice 2.
11+ English Multiple Choice 3.
English Multiple Choice 4.
11+ English Multiple Choice 5.
English (11PlusSwot).

I tried to take the printout but it was not clear. Also can I please have answer sheets for these papers for my son to mark and answers and notes for me to check and feedback to him. I will sincerely appreciate if this could be arranged.


From your email, it seems like you have found these papers on http://www.robwilliamsassessment.co.uk/11-plus-past-papers/.
I can highly recommend for you to have a look at our newest site, www.schoolentrancetests.com and join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Passed-Papers-546213915774289/ for weekly blogs.
This page, in particular, has some multiple choice sample papers, answer sheets and mark schemes, directly from GL Assessment.
I will keep an eye out in my constant search for new papers to include more with answer sheets and mark schemes. These are not always so easy to find as you might know.
We do update the site as much as we can and I hope you will allow us to contact you in the future with any updated news on this.


I would like to take the tutoring for 11 plus. would you be able to guide me for the same? 

I would like to get trained as a tutor. Would you be able to help with that? 


Currently, we provide a vast collection of free 11Plus past papers as well as informative educational and career blogs.
I would say, to start your 11Plus preparation,
  1. Make sure which exam you are preparing for.
  2. Check what you need to know for the specific exam. Have a look at our GL exams Explained. These are different for the CEM exam.
  3. Study the content specified.
  4. Do as many practice exam papers or quizzes you can find. Have a look at our Ten Minute Maths Quiz.
Here is a very informative blog written by our friend Dom Gibson at Tutorful, providing great 11Plus Tips.
This blog might also give you some insights into this: How to become an 11Plus Tutor:

There are no formal requirements or qualifications for becoming an 11-plus tutor. In theory, anyone can set up as an independent tutor. However, you will need a supply of past papers and other teaching resources. Set up an online profile for your tutoring business and use social media and online 11-plus forums and directories to find clients. Tutors often get referrals by word of mouth. Your business will only thrive if you can successfully coach children to pass grammar school and private school entrance exams!

There are also many tutoring agencies that employ 11-plus tutors on a freelance basis. They will typically take a commission, but provide tutoring resources. Tutoring agencies typically require their tutors to be educated to an undergraduate degree level. Additionally, they expect tutors to have a DBS certificate. Tutors may also consider taking out liability insurance.

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