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1) Ask yourself, is now the best time to start your 11+ Prep for 2019?

2) If so, here are some useful Grammar School application tips. You need to consider 11 Plus Exam By UK Region.

– If you are considering those grammar schools in Outer London then we have a useful London Grammar school list.

– Otherwise, England’s other grammar schools are accessed from this regional grammar school list.

3) Are the grammar schools of interest CEM 11+ exam Grammar schools. If so focus on School Entrance Tests’ 11 plus practice tests of CEM 11 Plus type.

4) Otherwise it’s likely you are considering Grammars using GL Assessment. Thus you should focus on School Entrance Tests’ 11 plus practice tests of GL 11 Plus type.

Our 7-Step guide is designed for busy parents!

5) So, select the most relevant 11 plus exams from our comprehensive list of 11 Plus Past Exam Papers.

6) Schedule regular practice with these 11 plus practice papers , our free online 11 plus papers and free 11 plus papers with answers

7) Here’s School Entrance Tests’s own tips for passing the 11 plus and further 11 plus tests:

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Have a look at our most frequently asked questions below:

Firstly, we answer questions relating to the UK Education and School System. Specifically relating to people moving to the UK.


First of all, thank you very much for the informative article.  I would be moving to London very soon and my son would have to join year 9. Test papers above show 11+, are those the ones he should practice? I am still researching about the UK education system, and evidently, am a bit confused.  


In Year 9 children would usually be 13. Therefore you should look at exam papers for 12+, 13+ and 14+ as per this page on our website.
12+ Exams to 14 Plus Exams
The test papers to look at would however depend on which school you are wishing to apply for. Different schools use different combinations of entry exams, usually GL or CEM.
Another question would be what kind of school you are wishing to join.
You would have a choice between
  1. State schools (no entrance exams and regulated by Ofsted, so different rankings)
  2. Private Schools (school entrance exams and regulated by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and can be pricey)
  3. Grammar Schools (state secondary schools that select their pupils by means of an examination).

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I have been on your website for 11 plus papers and materials. So impressed and amazed to see the resources at one place.

I have downloaded a maths practice paper for my twin boys. I’m wondering whether the mark scheme is available for the past papers or not. I am willing to pay for the access too.


Thank you very much for your email and great feedback.
Unfortunately, there are not too many mark schemes available for these papers, currently.
However, below I have attached what we do have available in Maths.

11+Maths (ISEB 2016)

11+ Maths Mark Scheme (ISEB 2016)

You might also find this helpful: 10+ 11+12+ Maths Sample Questions Syllabus (Whitgift)

Depending on which school your boys are looking to enter? Schools use different exam boards (usually GL or CEM).

To bridge this problem we have in fact just started an 11Plus Math Practice Quiz series. For £3.50 (introductory offer) you will have access to this quiz for a week / or 10 attempts. I would recommend it’s done with a piece of paper and pencil at hand. Also, make sure they do the quiz in one sitting at a time.

The time limit on this first one is very generous at 20 minutes for 15 questions. This will decrease in future quizzes.

I would love to hear your feedback and please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help further.


How can I get the answers to these papers? It’s great that you have lots of sample papers. But was looking for the answers papers as well. So that when the child finishes the tests. I can check them straight away.


This Ten Minute Maths test might help you. The questions used every time are random and will differ from quiz to quiz.
They are based on the 11Plus curriculum and new questions are added weekly. With the quiz, there are 15 questions in 10 minutes. At the end of the quiz, you will be presented with all the correct answers.
In the meantime, I will have a look to see which Math papers we have with answer sheets.


I am very much interested in the following:

Free 11 Plus Test Papers – English Exams

I tried to take the printout but it was not clear. Also can I please have answer sheets for these papers for my son to mark and answers and notes for me to check and feedback to him. I will sincerely appreciate if this could be arranged.


From your email, it seems like you have found these papers on https://www.robwilliamsassessment.co.uk/11-plus-past-papers/.
I can highly recommend for you to have a look at our newest site, www.schoolentrancetests.com and join our Facebook page  for weekly blogs.
This page, in particular, has some multiple-choice sample papers, answer sheets and mark schemes, directly from GL Assessment.
I will keep an eye out in my constant search for new papers to include more with answer sheets and mark schemes. These are not always so easy to find as you might know.
We do update the site as much as we can and I hope you will allow us to contact you in the future with any updated news on this.



I would like to get trained as a tutor. Would you be able to help with that? 



Currently, we provide a vast collection of free 11Plus past papers as well as informative educational and career blogs.
I would say, to start your 11Plus preparation,
  1. Make sure which exam you are preparing for.
  2. Check what you need to know for the specific exam. Have a look at our GL exams Explained. These are different for the CEM exam.
  3. Study the content specified.
  4. Do as many practice exam papers or quizzes you can find. Have a look at our Ten Minute Maths Quiz.
Here is a very informative blog written by our friend Dom Gibson at Tutorful, providing great 11Plus Tips.
This blog might also give you some insights into this: How to become an 11Plus Tutor:

There are no formal requirements or qualifications for becoming an 11-plus tutor. In theory, anyone can set up as an independent tutor. However, you will need a supply of past papers and other teaching resources. Set up an online profile for your tutoring business and use social media and online 11-plus forums and directories to find clients. Tutors often get referrals by word of mouth. Your business will only thrive if you can successfully coach children to pass grammar school and private school entrance exams!

There are also many tutoring agencies that employ 11-plus tutors on a freelance basis. They will typically take a commission, but provide tutoring resources. Tutoring agencies typically require their tutors to be educated to an undergraduate degree level. Additionally, they expect tutors to have a DBS certificate. Tutors may also consider taking out liability insurance.


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