Welcome to our Eton KS past papers – we hope you find these Eton entrance papers useful.

Eton KS past papers for 2022/3 entry

We’ve worked with EtonX – the e-learning consultancy that helps prospective Eton pupils with their Eton College prep. For each of the Etonx online future skills training courses, we were asked to design a psychometric and scoring system to evaluate hiw much EtonX students had learnt. 

In fact before we list these Eton scholarship practice packs, here’s School Entrance Tests‘ own step-by-step to passing your private school entrance exam.

How to Pass the Eton Scholarship exam

1. Purchase the following Eton entry practice past papers.

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These Eton scholarship exam practice materials are closest to the Eton College entry exam. Closest is best. And these are closest in terms of both Eton College entrance 3am content and also Eton exam difficulty level.

2. Schedule revision sessions at least once a week. Before school first thing in the morning or immediately after school often works well.  Although if your child already has lots of extra-curricula activities, then the weekend may be an easier scheduling option.

3. Initially, use the first 1-2 revision sessions to familiarise your child with the Eton exam format and the different types of question in the Eton entry exam.

4. As your child will perfect their 10+ exam technique, track their Eton College exam progress against the pass mark benchmark provided in the above Eton practice tests you purchased.

Eton College scholarship exams

The Eton College scholarship is a challenging assessment. Our Eton College Scholarship papers will help you to prepare for it. Whilst past exam papers can be freely downloaded on Eton’s website, these do not have answers or explanatory guides.

You can find private school scholarships on the ISC website.

Eton College also uses the UKISET to select international students.

Financial independence of private schools

  • A private school makes take donations of financial assistance from third parties such as religious groups, NGOs, etc.
  • Independent schools have a unique mission statement that restricts them from making such donations.
  • Even so, independent schools can still be a more expensive option than private schools.
  • The tuition fees of independent schools are often paid by charitable institutions connected to the school’s parent body.
  • Whereas, private schools are controlled by an agency or institution controling most of the school’s operational decisions.


Past Eton Scholarship exam papers


Maths scholarship exams

Eton French scholarship exams

13+ Eton Scholarship French Mark Schemes 2003-2018


Latin Scholarship exams for Eton

The following mark schemes cover Eton’s General Scholarship Paper:

13+ Eton Scholarship General Mark Schemes 2014-2016

English scholarship exams


Eton courtyard

Common Eton entry questions

Here are the two most common

How hard is the Eton King’s Scholarship exam?

Is Harrow harder to get into than Eton?

Eton A-Levels comparison table

Here is our Eton College A Level Results table.

A + A* %NameDay £Board £
86.44Winchester College38,100
84.73St Paul’s School25,03237,611
80.12Eton College40,668
68.48Tonbridge School30,34240,446
65.00Harrow School40,050
62.62Dulwich College20,44842,681
62.21Abingdon School19,95039,750
60.68Radley College38,325
55.08Warwick School13,19428,758
53.15Whitgift School20,13637,866
50.85Merchiston Castle School24,21032,910
47.89Loughborough Grammar School12,54928,752
43.46Monmouth School15,81632,061
43.40Sherborne School30,37537,500
41.00Reed’s School24,67531,800
38.46The Oratory School24,96634,299