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Examples of these Roles

Below we list some options within this career field.

On each of the below pages you will find detailed information on the skills, education and even assessment tips for each.

Jobs in PE. Army jobs with men and guns in dust.
Armed Services Jobs
Jobs in PE. Personal trainer helping woman with weights 
Personal trainer

Coach Jobs / Personal Trainer jobs

Individuals who love PE can turn their passion into a suitable career. You might wonder what kinds of careers would include jobs in PE. There are so many.

  • Army careers
  • Gym instructor
  • PE teacher
  • Personal trainer
  • Karate / Kickboxing / Martial arts teacher
  • Sports coach
  • Sportsman/woman
  • Stunt performer

A karate instructor, for example, requires knowledge of PE and science.

English tutor jobs. and English coach jobs.

Biology is an added interest for most in this profession since exercise involve movements of muscles and bones.

Communication skills enable a karate instructor to effectively teach his or her students.

A personal trainer educates clients on how to exercise safely.

A career in stunt performance requires qualification in at least six different sporting areas such as fighting, riding or driving, falling, water, agility, and strength.

How to find Jobs in PE

There are various jobs in PE to be pursued. Once again it is very important to talk to people in these jobs that you might have an interest in. Not only to find out what the job actually entails, but also to find out what the best route is to getting there.

These careers might also have a natural succession. For example the lifespan of a professional sports career might be much shorter that other careers. Therefore you’ll often find professional sports people entering the world of coaching when their career as a national or international sportsman comes to an end.