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Gifted children – CogAT practice tests

CogAT assessments are done to check primarily three skills:

  • Verbal skills,
  • Quantitative skills, which include all kinds of sums and calculations, and
  • Non-verbal skills.

Kindergarten level CogAT practice tests

2nd Grade CogAT practice tests

Grade 3 CogAT practice tests

4th Grade CogAT practice tests

Grade 5 CogAT practice tests


CogAT portals for determining special pupil talents.

CogAT tests are used by many schools and they can be taken independently as well without the supervision of teachers at the comfort of home.

  • American use cogAT assessments to test students between the school grades K to 12.
  • The CogAT test determines the reasoning qualities of a child and compares his or her progress to the children of the same age and groups.
  • It also shows teachers how best to teach individual students.


What are the different levels of CogAT tests?

There are 14 levels of tests and each of them is suitable for fourteen different grade students:

  • The test materials are different for different levels. For example, a grade 4 student will never get the same questions in the same test as to what a level 9 student is being asked.
  • Here the levels mean the ages. So, level 5 means the child is 5 years old.
  • The first level of the test is 5 or 6, which is the kindergarten level. This determines that the child appearing for the kindergarten level test should at least be 5 years or 6 years old but not more than 6 years old. If the child is older than 6, then he or she will have to take a more advanced level test.
  • As the cogAT level progresses, the time provided in the examinations becomes less and the students get more advanced questions. The 11th level test is the toughest one and the number of questions that they will be getting is 176.
  • 90 is the pass mark.

What is the CogAT format?

  • Students identfiy two identically different pictures or concepts are related. There will be the use of images or words or both and the level of explanation in the question will depend on the level of the test the child is appearing for.
  • This CogAT section consists of 14 questions and the child will get not more than 15 minutes to answer this section.
  • The questions might come in this manner. A calf is to cow as foal is to ____; and the options will be sheep, horse, goat, and pig. The child will have to select any one of these four and proceed to the next section.
  • Respondents have to quickly use their eyes and get an idea of figuring out the similarity. Based on all these questions, the students will be provided a grade, which will assist them in their academic journey further.




Children need to take certain gifted program tests, such as the CogAT, to get admission to certain gifted children programs.

Cogat practice tests

How parents can support their children’s gifted education

Parents can support their child in the following ways:

  • By organizing various teaching methods that suit their child’s learning process best.
  • Providing a suitable, quiet working environment.
  • Provide new books and magazines which will encourage the learning of new words. Plus word meaning and different uses.
  • Arrange scientific experiments that can help to boost their child’s enthusiasm for learning CogAT-related concepts.

Mother’s case study of using CogAT with her gifted child

CogAT will test your child’s cognitive skills, his reasoning skills rather than the academic skills. These skills are usually not taught in school but schools definitely test students on the basis of these skills. The score of this test will decide whether you child can be part of gifted and talented program or not.

Very first thing that you can do for your second grader for CogAT preparation is making him aware of all the three batteries – Quantitative, verbal and non-verbal. Once that is done you should start introducing him all the 9 questions types of these three batteries. This can only be achieved by practice.

In the initial stage, sit with your and try solving these questions with him. Try making it a fun activity rather than a academic session. Instead of books, try practicing these questions on mobile or tab. There are some apps like Gifted which offers wide range of CogAT practice questions for your second grader. You can use them to develop in an interest in your child. And once that is done, your child will gradually start practicing these questions on his own.

The next step after practice is to give him real exam environment for CogAT and this can be done by making him appear in CogAT mock tests of his grade. These CogAT mock tests will not only boost confidence of your child but will also him improve his speed and manage time better.

CogAT sample questions and CogAT mock tests

After your child is done with practicing CogAT sample questions and CogAT mock tests, it is time for you to analyse where your child is going wrong. Monitor his progress and keep a watch on his scores. If he is lacking behind in a subject, you should be able to see it in the results of mock tests. Start paying more attention on your child’s weaker topics and encourage him to master them gradually. Make sure you are not too hard on your child. A good way of doing is assigning him more questions of his weaker topics, guide him and even help him in solving some of the questions of that topic.

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Why use the CogAT gifted child’s school assessment?

On gifted children programs, it is more likely that gifted children will

  • Find peers who have similar pursuits;
  • Fit in better than in general classrooms.
  • Feel better and they comfortable about socialising and thereby making new friends.
  • Have become very popular across America.
  • Are challenging as they cover greater material, delving deep into educational content which is taught at a fast pace.
  • The next section will throw light on six such tests.
  • What is the CogAT Test?
  • Non-verbal test designed as a multiple-choice test
  • Aimed at testing the academic aptitude and gifted abilities of children
  • Tests the cognitive development in children studying in grades K- 12.
  • Comprises three sections namely Verbal Battery, Quantitative Battery, and Nonverbal Battery.

CogAT Test administration


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Welcome to our premium CogAT practice tests