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What does a Clinical Psychologist do?

  • Generally, Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat mental, emotional and behavioural disorders.
  • To find the chartered clinical psychologists register, contact the Association of clinical psychologist ACP-UK.
  • The organization has more than 10000 members and provide different resources to the candidates.

Psychologist Careers


How to Become a Clinical psychologist

  1. Entry-level requirements

The requirement to become a clinical psychologist should have a doctorate level degree. The programs include individual research projects along with supervised internship and practical experiences. Some professionals could earn additional specialty certifications that help them to qualify for work in different fields.

  • Day in the life

The main responsibility of a clinical psychologist is to observe patients in different situations. They provide consultation to different mental health professionals as per the test. These professionals also document therapy according to the procedures and policies related to the medical record. They also perform the job roles to access the progress of a patient and to modify the treatment accordingly. Along with this, a clinical psychologist communicates with the counsels and well the appropriate family members.

  • Career path

A clinical psychologist has a wide range of career path that depends on the employer and the career stage. They provide therapy and use the analysis and observation and accordingly they communicate to evaluate human feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. Some of the professionals choose a bachelor’s degree and additionally study psychology as their minor.


Psychologist Jobs London

There are very varied psychologist career options. For example:

  • Teaching and lecturing psychologists.


  • Research psychologist.

These professionals are mainly interested in Master’s level teaching undergraduate doctoral level students.

  • Business psychologists

These support organisations; building the relation between the individuals and the work environment.

  • Counselling psychologists

It is counselling psychologists who advise people on how to deal with problems.

  • School psychologists

Applying psychological principles and techniques to education-related and developmental issues.

  • Educational psychologists

Understanding the aspect of human learning; and how classroom materials and teaching strategies to enhance the learning process.  

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Getting more chartered psychologist info

Search the Directory of Chartered Psychologist and counselling directory. Also, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy can be referred to collect required information. To gather more data, the candidate can also consult an expert in counselling psychology in the UK.

Psychologist Careers