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Firstly, below you will find  all of the  CEM grammars listed, as well as grammars using a mixed assessment. For Grammar schools using GL assessment, please visit our page Grammars using GL assessment. For example, Heck grammar school.

CEM 11+ grammars

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CEM 11 plus practice tests

  • Firstly, CEM is the 11 Plus examination board for several regional 11 Plus grammar school entrance papers.

CEM question type 11 plus test papers

CEM 11+ grammars

CEM 11 Plus selection at these Grammar schools:

Grammar schools in the following counties use the CEM 11 Plus entrance exam:

CEM 11+ grammars

Other CEM 11+ Grammars

Other CEM grammar schools are split into these grammar schools counties and regions. These use a combination of both the GL Assessment grammar school entrance exam and the CEM grammar school entrance exam:

  • Berkshire has 6 grammar schools and one bilateral (a school that takes learners of all abilities as well as running a separate grammar school stream). 4 of these schools are in Slough, forming part of the Slough Consortium schools, while 3 (including the bilateral) are in Reading. All the selective grammar schools use CEM assessment, while the bilateral school in Reading makes use of the GL Assessments.
  • Devon’s grammar school entrance involves three separate Local Authorities. These include Devon County Council, Plymouth and Torbay. There are a total of 6 exclusive grammar schools and one bilateral school (a school that takes learners of all abilities as well as running a separate grammar school stream) in Devon. The Torbay and Colyton Grammar Schools make use of CEM assessment. Although the Plymouth schools use GL Assessment they also set some of the papers themselves.
  • Trafford has 7 grammar schools. Each of them has their own entrance exam. Only one, Sale Grammar School (Mixed) use the CEM while the other 6 make use of GL Assessment and their own internal tests in some cases.
  • Wiltshire has only 2 grammar schools. The one, Bishop Wordsworth’s (Boys) uses CEM and the other, South Wilts Grammar School (Girls) GL assessments.
  • Yorkshire has 6 grammar schools spread out across 3 local authorities.  Heckmondwike Grammar School (Kirklees; mixed) is the only one using the CEM, the others all use GL Assessment.

CEM 11 plus practice test papers

What is CEM select pretest?

CEM select is an online platform for conducting tests and is monitored by the Centre of Evaluation and monitoring, hence the name CEM. It is supposed to determine the verbal and non-verbal skills of participants and also assess the numerical ability. The test is said to contain a number of variable question types which include drag and drop, auto completes and many more. The main trick of cracking the test is to answer everything within a stipulated time.

Which grammar schools use CEM Select 11 plus tests?

CEM is most preferred by independent schools for their 11+ and 13+ admission process. Non-private schools refrain from conducting these kinds of tests. Many private schools (independent) have been using this test for many years for determining the right students to allow the admission in their schools.

There are some schools which conduct a customized version of this test as per the requirements of the school.

How does the CEM test look like?

The CEM test:

  • Has six individual examinations and all of them are supposed to be complete in a single sitting.
  • Can be taken as separate CEM Select sub-tests in any order.
  • Sub-tests each have an individual time limit and the remaining time is always visible on the top of the screen.
  • A choice of 5 different answers is provided to the applicant for each question