In this Virtual Training tag archive, we discuss all aspects of this very relevant topic. Just about all training over the years 2020 and most of 2021 have been online and therefore virtual.

Although this form of training has been available for many years, the buy-in might not have always been there. When schools over the UK and several other countries closed for an indefinite period in 2020, all education suddenly had to be delivered online. The public education system took a bit longer to find ways of delivering this. The private school system quickly adapted to delivering virtual training and subsequent education.

Virtual training will now, most likely, always be available as an option as it provides so much more flexibility and subsequent uptake. It does not only provide more flexibility around geographical and time constraints.

Another benefit of making training virtual helps training providers to free up their own time. They can in fact make their training evergreen as they can provide video content housed on a platform. It gives learners access to a much bigger range of learning material and expertise that might not have been accessible before.

This form of training is the way of the future. As we come to grips with all the opportunities at our fingertips, we can only grow. Remote and online learning opens up the world to learners all over the world.

Finding the best teachers and accessing the amazing amount of teachers and material out there is a challenge. However, the possibilities are endless.

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