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The UK School System covers about 13 – 15 years of schooling. Most children start a form of schooling at Nursery level, by the age of 3. From Nursery to Reception usually involves starting in a more formalised schooling system. Then the real choices are made. Some parents make use of state-funded schooling for the first few years, while others choose only independent schools. Some parents only use state-funded schools. Parents also have various options. Firstly, primary school, pre-preparatory school or preparatory school, followed by secondary school, sixth form or college.

State-funded schools have to abide by the National Curriculum and other statutory requirements. Independent schools have much more freedom. We try and provide a balanced view of the UK School System through our articles in this archive. With a clear focus on private school and grammar school entrance, these systems might be highlighted slightly more.

Home Education for 11 plus

Home schooling Montessori

Home learning /Home schooling Montessori are not new concepts. Many parents opt for this even when the schools are open. There are also various approaches to this. Parents that choose to home educate are usually not fond of the term homeschooling. Parents that home educate do so for different reasons. You may in fact elect…

University application. Girl standing in university hall.

University applications guide

Here are our University application tips. What can you do to ensure your application process goes well. Our top tips It’s estimated that over 500,000 Sixth Formers are applying to University this year. That means many more individual University applications. In theory, it’s now possible to start University in January. It’s certainly another option to…

Independent school parent guide

London Pre-Schools Guide

Welcome to our London Pre-schools guide. London Pre-schools This blog endeavours to touch on the following issues within the independent education system; What ages for which stage? Which pre-school? When to go to prep school? Private secondary school vs grammar school? How to choose a private senior school? When to decide on GCSE options subjects?…