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STEM careers are those referring to jobs in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths. There are many high paying openings in these fields. We look at how to get the right qualifications and what a day in these jobs would consist of. Also, we look at how much you can expect to earn and where to be looking for these jobs.

In-depth discussions on interviewing for STEM jobs. Trying to provide as much STEM career advice and information we can for early decision making. It is good to start looking at career options from an early page. Not necessarily for early decision-making, but definitely for exposure. The best STEM career advice is to get practical experience. Shadow someone in a career of interest and see what it’s like. Get experience.

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Graduate Career Guides

Welcome to our graduate careers guides. Our Graduate Careers Guides Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions in your life. Doing what you like is always the best way to approach this. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius Therefore we…

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Top tech jobs you might not consider STEM

Here are a few non-traditional tech job titles to consider: Photography UK Average Salary: £25,916 Graphic Designer UK Average Salary: £29,521 Web Developer UK Average Salary: £39,311 Product Manager UK Average Salary: £56,195 Broadcast Technician UK Average Salary: £43,172 Fashion Data Scientist/Analyst UK Average Salary: £50,585 Business Development UK Average Salary: £39,413 UX Designer UK…

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STEM Career Guidance

Welcome to our STEM Careers Guidance and MBTI Career guidance features. About Hannah (our STEM careers guidance expert) Hannah likes to help students from different backgrounds and with varying abilities, in the State and the Independent sectors, reach decisions about education and careers and understand how strengths, interests and personality fit together to inform ideas about career…

Future STEM Career Guidance

In this blog, we look at which future STEM jobs you can prepare yourself for now. STEM jobs refer to those involved in Science, Technology, Electronics and Mathematics. What will future STEM jobs look like? You only need to watch sci-fi movies to know that we have not been that great in predicting the future…