In this Category Archive, you will find all of our articles regarding school admissions. We look at all the important bits of information relating to this and try to simplify it for you.

Bringing together everything from finding the right school, open days, entrance exams, interview tips, the appeal process and more. The school admissions process can be a very daunting one. Sifting through all the information available doesn’t always make it easier. Through the posts in this archive, we hope to provide you with all the information you need. We want to make this process and the research into it as painless as possible.

In this category archive, we hope to provide you with all the information necessary to make the best choice for the school admission for your child. We also hope to highlight all the steps in this process and provide you with up to date resources on this.

2022 KS1 pass mark

Grammar School vs Private school

Grammar School vs Private school Feature. Grammar School vs Private Pros and cons For many, it could come down to choosing between a grammar school or an independent school. Therefore, understanding some of the more subtle differences between the two may interest parents. Of course, both types offer a wonderful education for its students, academically…

GCSE Results Day 2022

London Prep Schools open days

When are London prep school open days? … my local independent school open days? So now you need to visit each of your chosen independent schools. Which has the right ethos for your child. You can search using this link for those senior schools using the ISEB Common Pretest.   Open days London Prep Schools Visiting the…

CEM SELECT Private schools admissions

Our private schools Admissions guide

Welcome to our feature on Private school Admissions guide – beyond Testing requirements. Want to know which local prep schools use the  ISEB Common Pretest for entry ? If so, then you can click here to search.  ISEB Pre Tests Parents Guide Maths ISEB Revision Guide   bookBUY 11+ 13+ pre-tests schoolBUY 11+ 13+ mark schemes…

Winning a top scholarship

Here’s our key tips for getting a top independent school scholarship / bursary. Do you want to send your child to private school, but don’t have the necessary funds? Or  want to lower your existing private school fees?   bookBUY scholarship past papers schoolBUY scholarships mark schemes     How to get a top independent…