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Although challenging, there are great benefits to this remote working. It not only provides flexibility for the team members. It also connects people without geographical limitations.

These are only a few of the qualities leadership experience should help instil in children. There are of course various platforms for children to practice leadership skills. This can be in the classroom as a class captain or group leader. Also in the school structure as a prefect, head boy or head girl or on the sports field.The child’s own personality will have a big influence on what kind of leader they would be. It is a common misconception that introverts, for example, don’t like to be leaders. They might just approach the position differently. The same goes for a less academic child.

Online learning video course

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Education is changing. Technology continues to have an increasingly significant impact on education. Technology does this as it affects the form and distribution of learning materials. Books have become e-books (and/or PDFs) and in-person tutors have become online tutors. This year, many teachers became online teachers. Learning live online is now a better experience than…