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Independent or private schools are spread out over London and the rest of the UK. These schools are fee paying. Private schools are run by governors. They are independent of many regulations that apply to state schools. The biggest of these regulations is the National Curriculum. They, therefore, have control over their curriculum. Independent schools also have different term times from state schools. Usually giving them shorter terms.

To apply for an independent school most students have to write a school entrance exam. This is usually around Year 6 for Year 7 entry.

Most independent schools are also not inspected by Ofsted. Instead, they are covered by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). However both Ofsted and the ISI report on independent school’s compliance of the DfE Education regulations.

As private schools are fee-paying, there is an expectation is that these schools have a higher level of education. The facilities are also usually much superior to state schools.

Gothic Church Best West Midlands Schools 2021

Super-selective schools

Welcome to our super-selective schools guide. Benefits of super-selective schools As well as the prestige, there are many benefits to gaining a place at a selective or super-selective school. For example: Your child is likely to be with like-minded peers who have a strong attitude to learning and a desire to do well. The schools have a…

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Common Entrance Exam Practice

What is the Common Entrance Exam Pass Mark? Typically, the average pass mark is between 55 – 60%. Although there are difficulty levels. The standard of work for Common Entrance in most subjects is in advance of a student’s academic age. Some subjects, such as English, involve working at GCSE level. What is the Common Entrance…

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Free Private Schools Fees Scheme

There is a free private schools fees scheme that promotes access to London’s independent school sector amongst those who cannot afford to pay termly fees. Choose the school that will suit your child the best, not the one that he or she is “expected” to attend or one that can give the parent a glow…

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Private School league tables 2021

The Sunday Times’s private school league tables 2021 make a fascinating read for anyone looking at which secondary schools to send their children to.         *  *  CONTENT last updated April 2021   *  *   This year’s results reveal that state schools are starting to close the gap in the independent sector.…

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