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11 plus practice

2021 exams 13+ tips

Welcome to our latest guest EasyA post on 2021 exams 13+ tips. Top 2021 exams 13+ Tips The 11+ or the 13+ 2021 exams might feel demanding, but with enough preparation, you will walk out of the exam feeling confident you have done your best! Before you begin your preparation, be sure to read our…

ISEE Practice Tests

ISEE Practice Tests

Welcome to our ISEE test prep and ISEE Practice Tests. The Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE) is accepted by over 1,200 independent schools around the world. This fact makes the ISEE one of the most popular private schools admissions assessments (for Grades 2-12). The ISEE assesses four areas: Reading Comprehension Quantitative Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Maths…

UKiset test info

UKiset test practice

The UKiset test is a one-off online assessment, designed to help UK independent schools select international students for entry. It tests the academic abilities of international students, compared with those in the UK of the same age group. Welcome to our free private school entrance exams. These are excellent practice tests for the common entrance…