In this Category Archive, you will find all of our articles regarding practice aptitude tests. Some very handy tips and practice papers.

Aptitude tests refer to tests assessing reasoning ability. In education these include:

  • Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning / Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Cognitive Ability Tests
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning

However, these practice aptitude tests do not necessarily measure previous learning. Instead, they attempt to measure potential in a certain area. How well can you solve a problem? Although it is good to practice these types of questions, the measurement would be much more accurate with unknown content. In education, these tests are used for different reasons, whether for school entrance, placement or educational support.

Great practice aptitude tests and quizzes are available on the School Entrance Tests site.

We also work closely with our sister site, Rob Williams Assessment.

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd specialise in designing highly predictive psychometric solutions. In particular, situational judgement test design, realistic job preview design, aptitude test design and personality questionnaire design.

We also work across a wide range of sectors and job roles. Our tailor-made psychometric offerings are as unique as our clients’ organisations.

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