In this Category Archive, you will find all of our articles regarding past exam papers. We have a great collection of papers on our site. You will find a variety of papers on different pages.

In our posts, we look at different combinations of past school exam papers. We also look at what the benefits are for using them. Looking at the different kinds of school entrance exams, different exam boards and the strict school entrance requirements of some schools. Keeping abreast with the newest developments. We like to keep up to date on the required learning for exams. With a clear view as to which past exam papers to use for which exams.

Our blog posts on this subject are specifically aimed at private and grammar school entrance. Looking at different sets of question types and where to access past exam papers.

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11+ Maths Practice 2

Firstly, in this quiz, there are some general 11+ Maths practice questions to prepare for school entrance. These questions have been asked in previous 11+ exams, so they are very useful in getting you ready for the real thing. Or, alternatively to keep you practising. Regular practice is the best predictor for achieving good results…

SATs maths test

SATs 2019 practice

Our practice SATs 2019 practice, similar to those in the 3 Maths areas. See if you can do these 15 questions in 10 minutes. Practice SATs 2019 SATs Maths Test Quiz Remember, no calculators or using Google. The SATs quiz below is great practice. Make sure to have a piece of paper and a pen…

Literacy practice tips

Our focus here is on providing you with the most useful Literacy practice tips. We pride ourselves on offering free practice test resources, including literacy test tips. Hope that you find these literacy test tips useful! Literacy practice tips We are focusing on one of the key communication skills in professional life. That’s why literacy…