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This information covers all assessments and general practice. We also provide Maths Practice in the form of quizzes. Therefore, giving your child the opportunity to practice these skills. The quizzes are only 10 minutes. They can be great for practice in all the different formats. These links can be very helpful in getting that quick daily practice. At the end of the short quiz, you will be provided with your score and the correct answers. If necessary there will also be a method attached.

This Category archive includes information on Maths Practice for all forms of school entrance tests or other forms of assessment.

Subsequently, these quizzes and resources include subject matter for 11 Plus, CAT4, SATs, A-Levels and GCSE.

UKMT Maths Challenge interest in real life maths. Cat with abacus and blackboard.

Pupil Pulpit – UKMT Maths Challenges

Welcome to our latest Pupil Pulpit on one of the UKMT Maths Challenges. UKMT Maths Challenges Last year I participated in the UKMT Maths Challenge which is a yearly challenge at three levels open to secondary school students. It is a multiple-choice maths test that translates maths skills we are taught in lessons into real-life questions…

What are T-levels

Our Numeracy Test Practice

Welcoem to our numeracy test practice, including our top numeracy test tips. Introduction to Numeracy test practice A typical numeracy test measures an individual’s ability to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. School Entrance Tests‘ Numeracy Tips Although you may not finish the test, the best strategy is to answer as many questions as you…